Friday, 27 July 2007

Holiday (vacation) Time

Hurrah!! I have just booked my first holiday of the year.

I am still struggling with my health, following my accident at the beginning of the year and don't feel confident enough to go on a proper trek at the moment. So have decided to treat myself to something different and have hired a cottage for a week.

The location is by the harbour in Cowes on the Isle of Wight (a small island, south of mainland England). The most exiting thing about the trip is that I will be there to see the famous "Cowes Week" World Yacht Racing extravaganza.

Here are a few photos that I have pulled from the net, that show where I will be staying....

I'll be packing my bags and going next Saturday morning and will return the following Sunday. I'll be sure to take my laptop and write a post or two whilst I'm there.

At last, something to truly look forward too!!!!!!!!!!


Lori said...

I wish you the best on your little adventure! The place you will be staying looks wonderful and very relaxing.

Marjie said...

Wow...the place looks great. I sure hope I could have a wonderful relaxing trip to Europe someday. My friends and I have put that in our "must do" list before we get married, but none of us, knows when we're set to do it. Eventually, of course.

Anyway, have a safe and wonderful trip. And I'm sure you'll be enjoying yourself out there!

Anonymous said...

That looks cool ! Yeah, I agree, you deserve holidays... you must miss traveling, right ? Been there too. Can't wait to traveling again, I feel trap here, even though I love Canada.

Take picture please, they are like drug to me :$

Daszzle said...

Aww, that's so wonderful! It sounds like the perfect vacation. You'll have to be sure to take some proper (I feel so British saying that ;) pics of the yachts and share them with us, your adoring fans.

I hope you have a fantastic time and a well deserved break :)!

Unknown said...

Lori, thanks! I'm certainly looking foward to the break.

Marjie, you must absolutely visit Europe. There are soooo many wonderful places and cultures to experience. Thanks for your kind comment :)

Zhu, I certainly do miss travelling. It is going to seem a bit wierd going to the Isle of Wight for a holiday. I often pop down there on a Saturday for a meal in one of the many wonderful restaurants. This will be the first time I don't have to jump back on the foot ferry at the end of the day to come back home. I'm hoping that this trip will give me the energy to book a real adventure before the year is out.

Daszzle, I'll have you speaking proper Queen's English (with accent) before you know it :) I'll have to teach you a new English word each week LOL!

no more said...

Have fun. I never take vacation. If you really wanna have some fun rent a shark costume and go swimming during the yachting

ps: are all fridges in the UK that short?

AZZITIZZ said...

It looks a lovely place. Hope you have a fantastic time, relax, unwind and enjoy yourself.
Loadsa Luv.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Whoa...I envy you, Graham...I’m the one who’re supposed to take a break!! He he...just joking! I really hope you’ll have a memorable and fun fun time.

Happy holidays and be safe!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Muse!! We have varying sizes of Fridge/freezers. You can either buy seperates (Fridge and Freezer), or a combi like the one in the photo. This one is a smallish one (usually for one or two people), you then get medium sized ones and then what we call "American" style - which are much bigger. In a future blog I will take a photo of my kitchen so that you can see mine.

On that note, I'm checking ebay now for a plastic shark's!!!

Oh, and make sure you squeeze in a certainly deserve it. I hear England is a nice place to visit ;)

Unknown said...

Azzitizz, thanks... I intend to truly relax. Just hope the weather holds up for a while else, I'll end up eating and drinking all week - not that this is necessarily a bad!!

Choc, thanks matie...I'm sure I'm going to have a splendid time! Hope you arrange a vacation soon too!!

Paper Fan Club said...

Graham, have a great vacation and congratulations on making the decision to treat yourself! Renting out a cottage for a week is what I like to do in the summer, just to get away to enjoy some tranquility and fresh air. Funny how easily we forget to take a nice deep breath now and again.

Stephanie said...

Have a safe trip and I'll be crossing my fingers for some nicer weather!

Simon said...

The place looks awesome. Have a great time.

Unknown said...

PFC, it's amazing yet I have never hired a cottage before. However, if I enjoy it I'm sure it will be the first of many occasions for me. I certainly do plan to take a few deep lungfulls of air. Thanks for your comments :)

Hey Me:!! Thanks for the kind wishes. I have alreay put on my headdress and started dancing the "Sun Dance" Lol!

neoautuer, thank you. I wish you a great summer too!!

Deadpoolite said...

Enjoy your vacation!

(Just realised this was my shortest comment ever!!! Oh man what is this world coming to if I stop my cheerful mumbling about nonsense,lol. I hope it is temporary...heh)

Unknown said...

My Goodness!!! DP lost for words... Quick! Get my diary.

Thanks for the kind comment mate. I hope it is cooling a bit for you ~ Graham

Practically Dutch said...

My father spent his 6 weeks holiday on the isle of wight every year as a child. His grandparents (my great grand parents) live there, quite near to cowes actually so i am very familiar with the island! Have a fantastic week!

Unknown said...

Rachel thank you for your kind words. I have just seen the forecast for next week and it is rain from Monday to Friday - never mind, I'll just have to tour the pubs and cafes. If you have any locations on the island that you think are worth visitind during my trip, please let me know.

Take care and I look forward to seeing your new blogsite :)

no more said...

i would go to england or somewhere in the UK except for the little problem of being scared to fly. As a kid i never liked it, it's sort of turned into a phobia.

Plus, i have to say that i'm a big fan of a car and the open road. It's usually the journey, not the destination, that i most end up talking about later on

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