Sunday, 31 August 2008

August Photography Challenge Results ~ "Time"

"It's not the camera that takes a great photograph, it is the photographer"

This theme has certainly been quite appropriate... I just do not know where time is going at the moment. We are heading into September already!!!! Thank you to all of you who have posted their interpretations for this rather short month challenge. Once again, the interpretations have been awesome!

Below is a list of each of the participants and their wonderful work:

Kimberly Miller at Kimberly Kreations - The life of a rose and her son coming of age.
Liss at A Memory Forever - The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time
Cooper at True Nomads - The Eroded mountains and the Ancient Buddhas
Muse at Xanadu - A collection of her wristwatches
Ingrid from boricua in texas- A beautiful set of portraits of Ingrid as a child, a teenage and now.

It is never too late to enter the August theme challenge. Simply send me a link and I'll add it to the list.

The reason I chose "Time" as the theme for August, is because I was fast running out of it when I wrote the post. My own interpretation changed in concept several times. I finally settled for a photograph of my wristwatch (see below):
Time piece
However, once I had taken the shot, I realised that it didn't feel quite right. It wasn't really portraying the message that I wanted to give. My frustration lately, is that I just don't have enough time. It is almost as though hours and minutes are simply disappearing, or missing. This gave me an idea, so I grabbed what little time I had, jumped onto photoshop and had a tinker. This is the result....
Missing pieces of time

If you have any ideas for a Photography Challenge Theme, then drop me a message and I'll try to include it in a future month's challenge.

I'll announce the challenge theme for September during the next few days.

Warmest wishes



Liss said...

OMG – I love the gig saw puzzle effect. It is very fitting just like the puzzle some times the piece of time we have just doesn’t fit the required space we have. I also took a photo of a clocks reflection in a mirror to try and depict looking at time past.

In the end it is not how much time we have it is what we do with it. We all should make the most of as we can never get it back.

Kimberly Miller said...

Okay, now I know I have to polish my Photoshop skills. This is really awesome and by the way, where can I find a watch like that? I love watches and have quite a collection, but this one rocks! Great photos, as always. I look upon you as the Michaelangelo of photography. You find a way to really express yourself with your camera, a dream I can only aspire to.

I was trying to think of some challenge ideas and was thinking (maybe because of my mom having cancer) about "stop and smell the roses" or "Moments of Relaxation". I also thought about taking a photograph to depict your favorite moment in a day (week, month, year). That would be kind of cool. Anyway, just wanted to throw some ideas your way (since you asked-LOL).


p.s. I wish you'd show me how to wrangle my blog in some of these creative ways.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Crickey, I did it again!!!

Sharon said...

These are great - and I love the animated snapper :)

Getty72 said...

Liss, thank you so much! And congrats on your photo too. It is really lovely! I agree, it is what we do with out time that is important.

Kimberly, Thanks for your lovely words :) and your interpretations of the theme were simply wonderful! And thanks for the theme ideas. I'm definitely going to use one of them for the next theme :)

Jessica, awwwww and I was so looking forward to your interpretation. Well, there is always this month. I'll be posting the theme in the next day or so. I do hope you can join in :)

Sharon, thanks so much for your kind comment :)

Robin Easton said...

Hey My Friend, I had hoped to do this challenge as I was going to do a time sequence of myself from A baby to now. I even had all the pictures picked out but couldn't get the scanner to work. But you gave me a great idea for a piece I can still do some other time.

I loved your watch puzzle. There was a lot of significance here. Before I read your words, I immediately thought how it had that sense of losing time, missing where did the time go?, and also the sense that time is an illusion and we really can't "contain" it in a mere watch, or the mystery of time in that we don't fully understand it, or that time does not exist and no matter how hard we try to pull it all together in our watches and clocks we never really can because time will drift or fall apart as if it never existed. This a powerful photo. You could do a whole thing on time with it. And ask people what they "see". You could do that with any photo. Maybe...I'll do that!!1 LOL :) :)

Boy, can I relate to feeling rushed and over worked. I am so far behind and swamped with work. I did 16 hours straight yesterday. Not good. Am going to try and go for a hike this avo. Well, this evening now. Hope you are well. Just had to stop in and say hi. Will be in touch! Hugs and love, Robin

Muse said...

I don't know why but i thought i posted a comment on this, i don't know what happened! So sorry for the late comment but amazing pic. How did you get that glowy effect because i was trying to tell if it was lighting or a special filter you had on...unless it was photoshopped. Or maybe just when you pick up the camera light radiates from your fingertips? ;-)

Very very beautiful shot and the color is perfect. Can't wait for the next one!

Getty72 said...

Robin, thanks for the great idea... I'll definitely give that one a try sometime soon! I love understanding different peoples interpretations of images. I hope you enjoy your hike and also hope that things settle down for you soon! take care ~ Graham x

Hey Muse :) I have to confess that I did use a little photoshop to enhance the haze (although I like the idea of the light radiating from my fingers...LOL!). Thanks for your kind words and encouragement :)

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