Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Ayrshire ~ Scotland (Day 1)

Bruce's Stone ~ Glen Trool in Galloway Forest, Scotland.

Well, I am finally on vacation again... this time staying within Great Britain. My destination is the amazing location of Ayrshire in Scotland. I'll write more about it later, but thought I'd let you see a small handful of the photos that I took on my first walk yesterday, whilst I sit here finishing my morning cup of tea in my hotel room :)

My first walk was Glen Trool, and the famous landmark of Bruce's stone (see photo above). The inscription on the stone reads:

"In loyal remembrance of
King of Scots
whose victory in this
glen over an English
force in March 1307
opened the campaign of
independence which he
brought to a decisive
close at Bannockburn
on 24th June 1314."

I'll add more photographs and write more, over the next few days.

Cheerio for now,



jackaranda said...

Lovely scenery we have in Scotland.
Would you be coming in to Perthshire?
If so Jackal & I would love to seemeet up with you.

jackaranda said...
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Liss said...

Hidy Ho stranger :)

I loving the first shot. Please post more I'm missing your beautiful photos.

I here working hard while your traveling all over the country side. Maybe Christmas I get a holiday, it to will be reasonably local.

marc aurel said...

Ooo. Can I copy the first one for my sequence of "roads"?

Phoenix Ryzing said...

Well, I have to say it's good to see you blogging again.

Can't wait to see what you photograph on this new advenure!

Janette Jones said...

beautiful photos as always G - glad you got the chance to get away from the rat race!

Getty72 said...

Jackaranda! Look forward to meeting up with you next time I'm in bonnie Scotland :o)

Heyyy Liss!!!! How are you? I'm thinkin' of ya, working hard, whilst I am sat here on my bed supping a lovely glass of Cabernet Sauvignon! Those "Reasonably local" holidays are the best!!! :)

Marc, sure you are welcome to use the photo! Send me a link when post, as I'd love to see your "roads" theme! :)

Hey P.R.!!!! Great to see you here too!!! Thanks for your kind comment :)

Janet, thanks pal, and this trip couldn't have come a day sooner! I must pay a visit to Nottingham Forest one day soon! I imagine that is a wonderful location for photographs and walking?

Janette Jones said...

do you mean Sherwood Forest? :o) Which is indeed very small and not all that interesting really (like the castle) So many more wonderful things in this area such as Newstead Abbey and Chatsworth House. Any time you want to come up, I will happily be your guide!

Muse said...

you have such a great eye for the outdoor shots in getting just the right angles and love the forest tree shot !! Envy..looks like it was something else to see. COnsider yourself lucky living in a country where you are close enough to quickly hop over to other countries

Anonymous said...

Oh, nice!

This is the good side of usually rainy places: it's green!!! Brittany is the same.

Max Coutinho said...


This is what I call "my kind of woods"...they are so magical!

Yes, please share more!! :D


francis said...

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Anonymous said...

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