Tuesday, 6 May 2008

April Photography Challenge Results - The Seven Deadly Sins

Well, I have seen another amazing bunch of contributions to April's photography challenge of "The Seven Deadly Sins". As a reminder, the challenge was to photograph a representation of any or all of the seven deadly sins. You guys have certainly excelled in your efforts and achievements. Please see below the great Photographs.....

Chica - A wonderful image of the faces of the seven deadly sins!!!

Muse - A great achievement in capturing all seven of the deadly sins - from big trucks to yummy pizza!!!

Michelle Dawn - Another great achievement in capturing all seven of the deadly sins - with some fabulous cameo appearances by family and friends!!!

Crystal - A lovey pink contribution with the theme of Envy.

Congratulations to all of you!!!

So, now to my contribution. Regretably, I failed to capture all seven sins. I do have some ideas for the missing ones, so will try and capture them over the next couple of weeks. However, I did manage to achieve some success. Below are the photos that I managed to catch.

1) Gluttony - This was a fun one to take, and I dd partake in the sin as part of the experiment. I purchased a couple of boxes of chocolates and some cream from my local supermarket and set aside an evening to try and photograph them. As well as the chocolates that appear in this photograph, I also made the most delicious Irish Coffee (Whiskey, Sugar & Coffee with a thick layer of cream poured over the top). It took me several attempts to pour the cream onto the hot coffee without it mixing in. When it didn't work, I had the penalty of having to drink it before I could make another one...lol! I was quite tipsy by the time I got it perfect... the funny thing is that it didn't even make it into the final photograph...lol!

2) Greed - It frustrates me when I watch TV or read the newspapers - everything is full of advertisements. Marketing companies trying to encourage people to get into debt and buy buy buy!!!! The world is starting to feel the credit crunch... but it is already too late. This photograph is a selection of newspapers and magazines that I had around the house - and all of them are full of reasons to part with our devalued earnings.. We now live in a "throw away" society, a society that is full of greed and a society with very little value for what is really important.

3) Anger - This photograph was initially intended to be the title image - with all of the sins being incorporated onto the board. However, ironically, the one word that I couldn't fit on was "Anger" - and yes, it did make me angry...lol!!!

4) Pride - I was searching the internet for the true meaning of "Pride" relating to the Seven Deadly Sins. I found this phrase that I thought summed it up quite perfectly:

"Overweening pride, arrogance, haughtiness: these have been the stuff of tragedy. Vanity, fussiness, delicacy: the stuff of comedy. These are all forms of self-delusion, and paper-thin masks over rotting features. Pride and vanity refuse the truth about who we are and substitute illusions for reality."

I know a few people who put on a mask and try to be somebody that they are not. It reminded me of a mask that I have hanging on the wall in my lounge, that I picked up on one of my travels. The mask didn't look quite right with the cream background of my lounge wall, so I replaced the cream with black. I was quite pleased with the result.

Once again, well done everybody on your efforts and achievements in this challenge. Tomorrow I will announce the theme for May's challenge (and It will be slightly easier than the Arpil challenge!!!).

Cheerio for now :)

Graham xx


Anonymous said...

I loved your pic! Very well interpreted and nice compositions.

I must admit I didn't make it this time... I just didn't sin enough, so perfect you know :D

Can't wait for the May challenge -- I'll do my best!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Great Turnout, I like the idea you had here.....
The greed photo did the exact job you were trying to put across.....WHY....I had never before seen a "Wanderlust" magazine before...Now, I think I really want to get one!?!?! Seems right up my alley :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Those are fabulous!

Chica said...

I thought your scrabble board idea was just ingenious, great results all around from everyone! :)

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh My God... You did such a fabulous job on these....and your photos are breathtaking.

you rock!


(are you feeling any better?)

Muse said...

The scrabble board is a great idea, very creative thinking going on there. Even tho it turned out to be an unplanned shot, in a sense, it worked. Wasn't that one hard? I almost think that the 7 deadly sins should be something you do in a year..lol

I almost went with a Mall theme. I thought i might try to capture the 7 deadly sins in the mall, which would be simple. My problem is nerves of walking around a mall taking pictures and people wondering what the heck i'm doing.

Getty72 said...

Hey Zhu.... It's funny, I was thinking that there was no way that you would be able to photograph the seven deadly sins when you are such an angel...lol ;)

Jessica, oooh you must get "Wanderlust" if you can... It is the perfect coffee-table magazine. I love sitting on my sofa and flicking through it with a cup of tea and a cookie (or two...lol!)

f.o.t., thanks :) I hope things are going well for you and that work isn't too demanding! You'll soon be back in France!

Chica, thank you too! The scrabble board was something that I have been wanting to try for a while... finally found a reason for it..lol! I had a go at the magazine lettering for the title... although it looks a bit sinister..lol!

Getty72 said...

Meleah, thank you so much! You rock too!!!!

Muse, that was a hard one. Hence I didn't quite finish it..lol.. yet!!! I wanted to go to the Mall too, but like you I didn't have the courage...LOL!!!! Maybe I will on a future challenge! Your photos were fab though!!!!

Rojario said...

There are some more sins introduced like - adultery, murder, abortion, contraception, perjury etc. Hope they will be addressed soon.

lollie said...

your greed picture
really helped with my assingment 4 school!!! i nedded one more pc and that was the one!!!
(ur a good photographer by the way!!)

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