Sunday, 20 January 2008

Photograph Challenge January 2008 - "One"

This morning I awoke, praying that the rain would break for a few hours so that I could take my camera for a walk and complete my January challenge. Well, I did manage to enjoy a nice long walk for a few hours, but the rain was relentless. I got absolutely drenched.... but there is something magical about walking in a forest when it is raining. The rustling of the wind through the trees, the pitter patter of the rain falling from the branches, the squelching of the sodden ground beneath your feet.

I was hoping to take a few photographs and return home to select a nice one, but the rain was unforgiving, so I only managed to capture a small handful before returning the camera to the security of my damp rucksack. There were moments where I wished I could climb in there myself.

My contribution to the challenge is a solitary raindrop on a tree branch. The reason I have chosen this to symbolise "One" is that the photograph captures one raindrop in a rainstorm, and this one raindrop decided to fall on one branch on one tree in a forest full of trees. We all get caught up in the craziness of day to day living, and sometimes we forget that we are all like this raindrop - unique and individual.

I have been overwhelmed by the interest shown by you all about taking on the photograph challenge. The participants so far have excelled in their responses and all deserve recognition for their very own unique interpretations of "One". Please click their links below to visit their blogs and enjoy their wonderful photographs.

Amy Palko - Lives Less Ordinary - Scotland
Muse -
Xanadu - America
Michelle Rusin -
Rusin Roundup - America
Crystal - Choc Mint Girl - Malaysia
Zhu - Correr Es Mi Destino - Canada

If you have participated in the challenge, then be sure to send me a link to your "Challenge" post, by one of the following methods:

i) Send an email to me on;
ii) Leave a comment on this post;
ii) Leave a comment in the chatbox on the right hand side bar of my blog;

I will be sure to add your link to the above list of participants. For those of you that haven't yet completed the challenge for January, it is not too late!!!!!! Please be welcome to join in the challenge. The more the merrier!!!


Okay so, now it is time for February's challenge. I have tried to come up with a slightly easier subject for February, and have decided on "PATTERNS". So switch on your imagination and I look forward to sharing your great interpretations.

So the idea is, by the end of February, to take a photograph that in some way, manner or form represents “Patterns”. The post title will simply be “Photograph Challenge February 2008 – Patterns”. Also include a brief explanation of how the photograph relates to the subject. The photograph doesn't need to be outside, it can be of somebody or of something around the home.... it just needs to represent the theme of the month.

When you have posted your challenge, be sure to send me a link so that I can include it on my February Challenge Post!

Also, I would like you all to start thinking about a subject for March. If you have any suggestions, then email me on and I will include them in a poll during the later weeks of February. The one with the most votes will be selected as the challenge subject for March.

Happy Photographing!!!!!

Graham x


Cocaine Princess said...

Even in the rain your picture is awesome. Such detail- I love how the raindrop is on the branch.

Cocaine Princess

Michelle Hix said...

Okay, still blinking back tears from Xanadu's "one".

Man, I need to get on it with the photo! I've been thinking about it...just have to get creative here with my camera.

Muse said...

Well you got muddy for that shot! I love your shot because we often think of rain as 'many', not as one. I love that it's desperately holding onto the branch and reflected within itself is the forest around it. Raindrops really hold on before disappearing..kinda like us :-)

If you have a macro on your camera you'll really get a different world in those closeup shots of water. I took a pic of a drop on a CD once and it was just amazing. Can't wait to do february now, this is fun!

meleah rebeccah said...

That photo is AWESOME x 10000000

Nicely done!

Getty72 said...

Cocaine Princess, thank you - it was a lucky shot... and a special raindrop.

Michelle, I agree Muse's "one" was very emotional. A superb interpretation of the challenge. I am looking forward to seeing your photo :)

Muse, I certainly got muddy...LOL! and very very wet! I can't wait to get practicing with my macro settings. These challenges are certainly going to help my photography techniques. I am really excited about the next challenge too. I am so pleased that people are joining in with the fun :)

Meleah rebeccah, thank you soooo much! Your worda are always truly appreciated :)

[s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d] said...

Owhhhhh..that was one lucky had captured!!!

It has been raining a lot here in Dublin lately and all I wanna do is during rainy days are curl up on my comfy bed hand duvet ahahhahaha...

Anyway I smelled something fun happening here... I'm thinking to join you guys in the photos challange but I rather wait till the rain stop ::wink::wink:: just wait!!!

Thanks for dropping by Graham :)

Anonymous said...

Nice feet!

I agree with all comments above, the picture is awesome. Fits your theme perfectly... one.

I couldn't get creative for that one, I guess I need to open my eyes more. That said, with blizzard, it's not that easy! :D

Will try for the "pattern" theme...

Bea said...

hey there-
I think I may have a photo for your february photo challenge. How does it work? Do i post it on my own blog? Let me know!

p.s- great picture! as someone who once enjoyed slaving away in the darkroom, i am growing more and more appreciative of digital cameras and what they can really capture. nice work!

Getty72 said...

Sexy in Red, thank you for yor lovely comment. I have noticed that it is raining in Dublin too. What a wet time we are all having. It would be fantastic if you joined in the monthly challenges! I look forward to seeing you interpretations :)

Hehehe Zhu! I must admit that I struggled with the "One" theme too. That is why I set a slightly easier one for! I look forward to your pic!!!

Hey Bea! Thanks for your kind comment. I would be really pleased if you joined the February Challenge. Sure, all you have to do is post your photo onto your blog, with "February Photo Challenge - Patterns" as the title. Then, when I post my photo in Feb, I will be sure to add a link to your photo. I look forward to seeing your interpretation!!!!

Michelle Hix said...

You are going to laugh. I haven't taken my "one" photo yet. But apparently it has been on my mind enough for me to dream about it the other night. I woke up laughing.

Getty72 said...

Michelle, hehehe!!! I'm honoured for my challenge to have made it into your! If this is what happens with the first challenge, I can't wait to find out what happens with challenge 5 or challenge! I really look forward to seeing your challenge entries. I must admit "One" was quite difficult. I am sure the future themes will have a much broader scope.

Thanks for making me smile!!!

Sue said...

Sorry I didn't participate. Your photo looks like the one Jim featured on his guest photo Friday a few weeks back... one of mine that I have on the buzz.

Getty72 said...

Hey Sue :) I have just had a look at your photo. It is fantastic, you have captured the raindrops so perfectly :) The weirdest thing is that I wasn't even planning to take a photo of a raindrop - I was actually looking for a lonesome leaf on a tree, but it was so wet that I became attracted to how the rain fell and hung onto the branches. I look forward to your February challenge entry!!!

Terry said...

Anyway I smelled something fun happening here... I'm thinking to join you guys in the photos challange but I rather wait till the rain stop ::wink::wink:: just wait!!!

Anonymous said...

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