Saturday, 16 August 2008

July "FOOD" Photography Challenge Results

"It's not the camera that takes a great photograph, it is the photographer"

Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologise for being so late with posting the contributions to the July "Food" Photography Challenge. Things have been hectic around here, leading up to and after my vacation.

As always, thank you to all of you who have contacted me about the monthly photograph challenges, and an enormous WELL DONE to those of you who have posted their interpretations. I continue to be totally amazed at the quality and imagination that you have each shown in your results. They are all so enjoyable!!

Below is a list of each of the participants and their work:

Zhu from Corre Es mi Destino - Pig Day in Ottawa

Chica from Photo-Projectz - Kiwi Fruit

Liss from A Memory Forever - Blueberry and Coconut Cakes

Michelle Dawn from Rusin Roundup - Taco Goode

Ingrid from Boricua in Texas - Bird Food

Dale from Little Red Planet - Beer and Vegemite

Michelle from Crow's Feet - Potted Rabbit

Mirage as Usual - The Philippines dish of Sinigang

Matthew W - Coke

Babylonezoo - Gateau d'anniversaire

Muse from Xanadu - Pancake Syrup

(I do hope I have included everybody here. If I have missed off your interpretation, please drop me a message I will add it to the list)
Once again, your interpretations are all truly brilliant and individual - from oozing chocolate to fruit and birdseed, from beer and Vegemite to fabulous recipes, from a pig to a rabbit. Thank you all for your contributions and I do hope you take a few moments to have a look at and comment on each others' fine work.

My contribution for this challenge takes me back to my holiday in Portugal. One morning in the first week we took the opportunity to have a wander around a local town called Lagos. During our wander around this beautiful seaside town, we stumbled upon a small undercover food market.

The market was exploding with the most amazing aromas, bursting with the most vibrant colours and bustling with the most interesting people.

The photograph below is of a wonderful old lady, sat counting the profits of her hard work surrounded by the fruits and vegetables that she has so caringly cultivated.

Tomorrow I will set a simple photo challenge for August, and look forward to seeing your interpretations.

Best wishes



Kelly Ann said...

Wonderful entries! I wouldn't worry so much to post an Aug challenge, but you do whatever ya want. :)

Anonymous said...

I like your market picture... this is such a great place for close-ups, stolen shots of people etc. I love markets.

Hope I get a chance to enter the next challenge! I'm leaving to Beijing tomorrow but I'll be in touch, laptop is with me.

Memories Of Mine said...

You have captured the moment and atmosphere perfectly. The poor lady doesn’t look like she made much profit. I hope you bought and apple or to from her :)

Unknown said...

Hey Chica, I was so impressed with the photographs this month, including your Kiwi fruit.

Zhu, markets are just the most wonderful places. I love the hustle and bustle! Have a truly wonderful trip and I look forward to hearing from you soon :)

Liss, I expect nothing but pure briliance from you my friend. I'm afraid nothing else will be acceptable :P As you can probably guess, I am looking forward to your entry ;)

Max Coutinho said...

Hello again!

The minute I saw this picture I immediately recognised the Portuguese flavour of things :)! It is a delightful photo, so positive! Loved it!


Anonymous said...

yay. another Portugal Photo!!

 gmirage said...

I visited this page so late because I was on vacation =D A great challenge! I'd join again sometime soon!

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