Saturday, 23 August 2008

More photographs from Portugal

I am sorry it is taking so long to post photographs from my holiday in Portugal. I am desperately trying to catch up with!

Below are a few more of my favourite shots. I hope you enjoy them:

"Feeding the hound" - A street scene from Portugal
Give the dog a bone II

"The Backstreet" - A street scene from Portugal
The backstreet

"The Market Square" - A small street running off of the Market Square. The architecture and colour of the buildings is stunning.
The Market Square

"The old cobbled street" - A street scene from Portugal
The old cobbled road

"The War Zone" - The wall of a disused fort in Portugal
War Zone

"What's the hurry?" - I stumbled upon a cat dozing in the afternoon sun. I couldn't resist taking some photographs
What's the hurry

"A Lazy Afternoon" - That same cat a few seconds later.
Lazy Afternoon

"The fishermen" - A river scene from the Algarve in Portugal
Hunter Gatherer v2

"The Rocky Passage" A photograph taken whilst I was on a boat trip around the cliffs of the Algarve, Portugal
The Rocky Passage

"Flying high" - I was lucky enough to capture a seagull flying over the hole in the rock above. It made for a great photograph.
Flying high

"Charlie Chaplin in Sand" - When visiting a sandcastle exhibition, I found this sand sculpture of Charlie Chaplin.
Charlie Chaplin in Sand

That's all for now. I will be sure to pull togethera proper account of the holiday very soon.

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Warmest wishes

Graham :)


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

The boat trip around the cliffs of the Algarve, Portugal looks awesome.....those rock formations are super cool!

The photo with the seagull is absolutely perfect - great work!!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Ingrid said...

The photo with the seagull is wonderful. What a great shot!

The stree scenes remind me greatly of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. Now you made me all nostalgic...

Muse said...

wow i'm totally jealous. It looks like a really amazing quaint little village. The pictures really capture all of the contrast and colors as well as the everyday life there...which is so much more interesting than capturing tourists. Off the beaten path can be the way to go sometimes for the real experience, and sometimes the better photos. Great stuff!

AZZITIZZ said...

If I would have tried taking the seagull photo, mine would have just turned out a white picture as it would have probably pooped on me!
Fantastic pics as per. You are so artistic!
Looking forward to the rest.
Thanks for the advice about Max.
Your buddy bud

Scarlett said...

Those photos blew me away! Portugal is lovely! Thanks for sharing Graham. I'm looking forward to see more of your vacation photos.



Robin Easton said...

These are remarkable photos. Not only are they extrremely clear but they have such character to them. I'd be hardpressed to pick a favorite. I love the gull one. It gave me this sense of freedom and hope. It's a poster photo.

I also love the fishermen. It's so peaceful and speaks of a place and time beyond chaos, money, the rat race. I wanted to leave the world behind, jump into the photo and walk down to water....and just watch them.

I don't know why but I adore the one of the dog -- "Feeding the Hound". It not only is composed stunningly well but has so much charater, like a mini story. If you look at the frame color around the window at the top of the picture it is the same color as the dog and almost the same color as the woman's (man?) arms and face. So the picture is like a triangle. With the dog the focus. I also love the way he's just staring at what she threw out, debating whether to eat it or not. :)

All of these photos are excellent and creative. You did a wonderful job. The boat ride sounds heavenly, the water so clear.

Also re: your apology for taking "so long" to get the photos really hasn't been long at all. You've hardly been back. "Give yourself the time you need." That's important...for all of us to do.

Warm hugs to you my dear good friend,

Getty72 said...

Jessica, thanks so much for your kind words. The rock formations were breathtaking. I took loads of photographs and some video footage of! At some point soon, I will do a full post about them. Thanks again my friend :)

Ingrid, thank you :) It was one of those magical moments. I was looking up with my camera pointed, and then the gull slowly glided over. I was jumping for joy that I managed to capture it.

Hiya Muse :D It was lovely place and best seen when off the beaten track. The villages and streets were so picturesque. The only problem was the shadow. Where the sun was so bright, a lot of the scenes were impossible to take because of the heavy shadows cast by the buildings. I am so glad that you like them.

Getty72 said...

Azzy, you are so! I know what you mean, I was kinda expecting to get splatted!

Hey Scarlett!!! Good to see you :) and thank you so much for your kind words :)

Robin, you always manage to say the most wonderful things. "Feeding the hound" is one of my favs too. Although I am a bit concerned that I may have overdone the lighting and softening. I just love the obersvation of "real life". Well done for noticing the colours. The simplicity of colour is one of the things that appeals to me the most... it kinda brings the whole image together. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement, it is truly appreciated. Warm hugs to you too :)

Liss said...

This is a really wonderful journalistic account of your holiday. Portugal looks very beautiful. I love the blue seat the cat is on. I want one to brighten up my back garden!!
I love all these photos and check out your red bubble account too, it is really cool the way it is set up and what you offer.

Chica said...

I keep seeing this stuff pop up on Deviant art, and wow, so much great stuff there. I've really enjoyed seeing your work from your vacation. Thanks for sharing them with us. :)

Kimberly Miller said...

How I envy your life that you can just pick up and go. Your pictures are all equally stupendous, with my favorite one being "flying high". What an opportunity you were given to snap that and how tremendous that you were ready to. Definitely the makings of a true professional - Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Really great shots, Graham. I'm anxious to see the rest.

Have a great Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, well, you get the idea - *grin*

Health and happiness,

meleah rebeccah said...

These photos are amazing. It was worth the wait to see them.

I never saw a calico cat with such rich colors.

and I love the Charlie Chaplin sand castle. Thats awesome!!

Elizabeth said...

such a colorful cat - the photos made me want a nap :-)

and I love the seagull photo

I can't wait to visit Portugal myself someday - it looks gorgeous

Elizabeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jackaranda said...

Flying High is quite superb. Will get back to have a proper look at your photos soon. I bet Portugal seems like last year already....

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