Saturday, 30 May 2009

New York! New York!

Sunset over New York

Well, I have finally made it back home! All I can say at this point is that it was the most fantastic experience I have had in a long while. It was the much needed event that I have been waiting for. However, my feet are certainly the worse for wear, as I walked absolutely everywhere. I have blisters the size of Belgium (no offence to!).

Over the next few days I will write a few posts about the whole occasion, but in the meantime would like to show a small selection of photos.

The photo at the top of this post was taken at the top of the Rockefeller building, on the day I went up to watch the sun set. Words can't describe the impact of the views as you walk out of the elevator and onto the platform. The photographs below were also taken whilst I was at the top.

Manhattan Skyline

I was originally intending to only stay "on top of the Rock" for a short while, but ended up staying there from mid afternoon to late into the evening. As the sun slowly went down, the scene slowly transformed from a hustling daytime to a magical evening.

Manhattan Skyline by Night

The first of the two photographs below was also taken from the top of the Rockefeller building. It clearly shows the rectangle of green which is Central Park. The second of the two shots is looking back from Central Park towards the Manhattan skyline of skyscrapers. Both views were equally as beautiful and intoxicating.

A birds eye view of Central Park in Manhattan - New York

Whilst wandering around Central Park, it is almost impossible to comprehend that you are still in the middle of a city that never sleeps.

Central Park

The last skyline photo for now, is the great Brooklyn Bridge. There is a small park on the Brooklyn side, where you can sit and relax in the sun whilst enjoying the wonderful view and listening to the water of the East River lapping against the shore.

Brooklyn Bridge 2

Finally are a selection of street scenes to wet your appetite...


A steaming time in Time Square

Broadway musical

The Muse Hotel


Anyone for a hotdog?

Well, that's it for now. I hope it gave you a little taster of the amazing location of Manhattan, New York. I'll be sure to write a full post soon, detailing the time I had.

Cheerio for now :)

Graham xx


meleah rebeccah said...

I am sooo thrilled you had a wonderful time. The photos are FABULOUS.

I am just still so disappointed that I was unable to make it into the city to meet you. :(

You will juts have to come back to NYC. xoxo

no more said...

The MUSE! LOL! Who knew for a small price that you could stay with me

Those are fantastic pics, looks like you had a lot of fun> I can't get over how many people are in that park, don't they have a job? lol

HOw awesome that you got to see sunset on top of the city. Was this your first trip to NY? I like how you captured the essense of the city, broadway, central park, all the taxi cabs and even the hot dog vendor. The cab shot btw is great.

Thanks for posting these, it almost feels like i was there :) I look forward to the rest!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Graham! I also have pics I took from the top of the rock when I went to NYC :D and I have the same pic of "wicked" but I took it at night!!!!! hahahah...I love your pictures and I'm so glad u had's so weird to think that we were at actually a couple of hours from each other..

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, you silly English man, I'm so jealous: these pictures are breathtaking!

The first one if my favorite: 10/10. I also love the taxi one... I can picture you standing in the middle of the street with your camera! :D

I want to see these pictures. This is no teasing, this is inhuman: show them NOW!!!!

Okay, okay, jetlag first... rrrrahhh....

Janette said...

Wow! These pictures are totally awesome! So pleased you loved the city as much as I do and can't wait to see the rest of your shots. I think you may have set me off for another visit, may have to persuade the husband...

Cocaine Princess said...

Super Fab, Fantastic, Amazing, Aweosme Pictures!!!!

Now it's time to plan for your next vacation!!!!!!!

Lilliy said...

That is just amazing photography. You did New York proud! You captured every beauty of it and really just reflected how New York is at the springtime. Your photos made me miss New York so much I visited there almost every 3 weeks for a whole year in 2006 and loved every moment of it. I didn’t want to miss anything it possibly has to see and experience. Glad to hear you had a great time.

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time in New York. I love all of the photo's. Great job!

Memories Of Mine said...

OMG you have been and gone already. Looking at these photos it amazing. I have never been to NYC. It looks so fantastic and full of life. Not sure if I like to share my picnic spot with that many people in the park but one time for the experience would be fun. I wish I had been there with you at the Rockerfeller center taking photos, chatting, clicking away and watching the sun go down and the light go on sound like an amazing way to spend an evening.

I can’t wait for more posts about your trip even though I am going to become more and more envious which each picture you display. By the time you are though with NYC photo we might not be friends anymore. As the green eyed monster could get the better of me.

Memories Of Mine said...

PS: I hope my fridge magnet is coming with a bonus bagel. :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Magnificent photos! I'm with of these days we should ALL rendezvous on top of the Rock!

p.s. i missed you :)

muse said...

oh and PS..did you buy a hot dog? ;-)

Unknown said...

Meleah ~ It was a shame you couldn't make it into the city. I had a great time and was amazed at how wonderful the whole place was. I am still buzzing from the experience!!!

Muse ~ If only it were! Central Park was busy as it was Memorial Day Monday which is a national holiday. There was so much going on everywhere and everybody was having such a great time. I have to confess that I did sneak a hotdog! I had to, I couldn't go ALL the way to NYC and not try!!! :P

Thrice ~ IIt is such a shame you couldn't be there. It would have been great to catch up! My "wicked" photo was taken at night, it was just that the lights were very bright on that evening.

Zhu, I am amazed that I have actually been somewhere that you haven't been...lolololol!!! I had a great time and will be sure to post some more photos soon! I am enjoying keeping you on the edge of your seat for a little longer. This teasing is so much fun...LOL! :D

Janette, thank you so much for your advice on visiting Grand Central Station. It was such an amazing place. I do hope you manage to go there again soon :o)

CP, awwwww thank you my friend :)

Lilliy, I really did have a wonderful time. I am totally jealous that you managed to go there so often. It is such a magical place with so many more places to see than I had time for. I will definitely be going back there as soon as I can.

Unknown said...

Michelle, Thank you pal :)

Liss, oh dear! I have soooo many more photos to!! I must admit, I did feel kinda lonely on top of the Rockefeller building on my own... it would have been great to have had somebody sharing the experience with me. Your magnet is definitely on its way x

Jessica, it was so wonderful to find your message, I have missed you too!! I completely agree, we are gonna have to get a blog party together somewhere sometime soon!!!

Muse, yes and it was not so!!!!!! :P

Marjie said...

Ah New York. So glad to see such lovely shots. Look at all those things I've been missing never beeing able to visit the place. I'll be sure to make a quick stop now. Looks like that hotdog stand is waiting for a customer =)

glad to see those pics graham....been missing them lately =)

Boston Hotel said...

The pictures says something different to what it looks in day, the pictures of this city looks great at night with all lighting, parties and restaurants.

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