Sunday, 5 October 2008

September Photography Challenge Results - "Favourite time of the day"

"It's not the camera that takes a great photograph, it is the photographer"

What a great bunch of photographs that you have all taken this month. I can truly understand why you love the times of the day that you have chosen. So, without further ado, here is a list of the wonderful moments from our September Challenge...

Kimberly from Kimberly Kreations - The stunning capture of sunrise early in the morning.

Zhu from correr es mi destino - A great sunset photograph and a truly amazing shot looking down on a Beijing road at night.

Muse from Xanadu - A cute photograph of her cat Mia staring at the clock... and the time? Of course it is just after 4.30pm, which means work is over!!!!

Liss from A Memory Forever - The first moment of peace.... A stunning image of her daughter sound asleep Sssssshhhhhhhh!

Michelle Hix from Sont les mots qui vont tres bien enemble - The most beautiful sunsets over the Rocky Mountains

Michelle Dawn from Rusin Roundup - A great selection of photographs from her son's football game where his team won 13-0

Thank you all for your truly wonderful interpretations!!! They all really do portray great parts of the day!!! We all need to savour these precious moments as we continue our marathon in the great rat race.

I have two special times of the day. One time during the week, and another for the weekend....

During the week, after each crazy day at work, I always venture to my local Country Hotel (Blunsdon House) for cycle, a long swim, a jacuzzi and a sauna (and if the weather is really nice, I even try and squeeze in 9 holes of golf). The walk from my car to the health suite is alongside the edge of the golf course. The views are so refreshing, and at this time of year the sun casts long golden shadows along the fairways. Often, I will just stand there and stare over the horizon and take a few deep breaths to absorb the view and the fresh air. Already I can feel my shoulder and neck muscles start to relax. Below is photograph of one of those moments....

Blundson House Hotel - Golf Course
(and yes, I have spent many an evening trying to hit my golf ball out of this sand!)

My second favourite time of the day, is early in the morning of a weekend. Yes, you did here correct. I love getting up really early of a weekend, if I have nothing much planned, and jump in the car to my local forest to wander through the undergrowth and watch the sun rise through the canopy of the trees. I did that very thing last Sunday morning, and will post about it in the next couple of days, but thought I would share a couple of the photos with you now. There is nothing more amazing than watching a deer leap through the bushes just in front of you, or watching a squirrel scurrying up a tree as the fog slowly lifts and the sunbeams shine through the branches of the changing trees.

Savernake Forest

Hazy Path 1a copy

Thank you all again for your fantastic pieces of work.

Warm wishes

Graham x


Chica said...

Lovely results Graham! I apologize for not making it into this one, I'm so bad with meme's that last a whole month, which you wouldn't think, but I am . LOL

Mimi Lenox said...

These are stunning. I am so happy you visited me today and I found your blog. Beautiful place you have here!

Muse said...

ahh beautiful photographs! The golf course is too pretty for me to be hacking away on the grass at a ball, i'm no good at

I think everyone submitted really beautiful photographs that mean something to them which makes them more special. :-) I look forward as always to the next challenge!

Muse said... you ever get lost wandering in those woods? I guess at least you don't have to worry about bears!

Liss said...

Graham the golf course looks so tranquil, what a great place to wind down at the end of a hard days work. I live right next to a golf course and my daughter is always pestering me she wants to play golf but I know 2 hits and she will want to go home. I love your forest photos too. If I had the opportunity I would be up at the early hours of the day to take a walk through the wood.

meleah rebeccah said...

been a while since I visited your blog. had to deal with some 'issues'

anyway....I LOVE the new layout/look.

Freeking Awesome!

Michelle Dawn said...

Wonderful photo's Graham. I'm always inspired to keep trying to get perfect shots when I do these challenges.

Anonymous said...

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Michelle Hix said...

Your forest shots show what a gift you in photography and also what a gift you have living all around you. When I look at those pictures I can hear the sound of the branches snapping underneath each footstep and the smell of the wet wood around me.

Michelle Hix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I've always loved your forest pictures and once again, I'm amazed. The light makes it magic... love it!

I'm gonna check out the other interpretations now ;-)

Can't wait for my October homework!

meleah rebeccah said...

wowza! what a talented group of people you have here!

Robin Easton said...

Dearest of the 'deer', These photos are other-worldly, as if from a dream. i truly believe that they express the deepest part of YOU. I don't think we can capture that which we are not. I got tears in my eyes over your deer story and will be in touch. Beyond beyond beyond beautiful. I am blown away and honored by who you are and the beauty that you see in Life. You have a gift of truly 'seeing' and it must be acknowledged. All gentle souls need to be seen and acknowledged. So much to share. I've been way behind lately trying to catch up but will fill you in soon.

I too love the 'untouched' dawn. It is so private and primordial...the beginning of all time. Did I ever tell you that I wake every morning just to watch the sunrise? I've done it for so long now that my day feels awkward and incomplete if I miss a day.

Hugs and love to you my beautiful friend,

Getty72 said...

Chica, thank you my friend :) No worries about not being able to do this one, there will be many many more :)

mimi, it is so wonderful to see you here :) You have a wonderful site and I am currently preparing a post for peace!

Muse, I agree! Everybody really did so well again this month, including you! I love playing golf but my shoulder doesn't work so well now, so I am not that good.

Liss, well if ever I come to Aussie, I will be sure to give you a game! The woods are so wonderful to wander through!

Meleah, I hope things are getting better with you. My thoughts are with you. Take care my friend xxoo

Michelle Dawn, your photographs are ALWAYS excellent. You always come up with such great results!!

Getty72 said...

Goddard, thanks for your kind words

My goodness Michelle, thank you so much for your truly kind words. They really mean a lot :)

Hey Zhu :) WOW! I really appreciate your comments! Since I started blogging you have always been a source of inspiration! Thank you my friend!!

Robin, I thought of you when I was with the deer. It reminded me so much of some of the things you wrote about. I wish you could have been there to experience the magic moment too.

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