Thursday, 10 April 2008

What's in my refrigerator?

Well, I have just arrived home from work and am starving. I forgot to get anything out of the freezer this morning and am stood in front of the refrigerator scratching my head, trying to decide what to eat. So, whilst trying to make my decision, I have grabbed my camera and taken this shot to reveal what lies inside my refrigerator!!!!

So, where do I begin??? LOL!

The first drawer is full of cucumber, lettuce and spring onions.

And the second drawer has a few Italian plumb tomatoes, 3 onions, and a large bag of yummy fresh grapes...Mmmmmmmm!!!!

Wait... it doesn't stop there....!!!!

Further up there is some Benecol Light Margarine (which lowers cholesterol), Organic Salted Anchor Butter (which sends the cholesterol straight back up!), and some delicious Philadelphia Cream Cheese with Chives.

I have a passion for cheese and biscuits, so can never have enough cheese in the fridge. Therefore it will come as no surprise to find even more cheese...

I have some "Vintage Reserve" Cheddar Cheese, some local Somerset Brie Cheese, some Italian Mozzarella cheese, oh and a garlic and some large "woodland-freerange" chicken eggs.

If I get peckish later in the evening, I always need to have a pot of yoghurt or a pot of pudding rice - so have plenty of them in stock, as well as a handful of plumbs.

I have a melon and a couple of peppers, along with a lonesome lemon (as I have eggs and a lemon spare, I think I might make some more English Pancakes at the weekend).

My refrigerator wouldn't be mine without my treats... so I have a bottle of English Beekeepers' Honey (which I drizzle over natural yoghurt at breakfast time.... Mmmm heavenly!!!). I also have a bottle of Light Mayonnaise....

A jar of traditional Pickled Onions... great to munch on! A jar of "Olde English" Thick-cut orange marmalade (lovely on toast!), Sweet Piccalilli, Branstons' Original Pickle, Pickled beetroot and pickled cucumber (yes, I do like pickled Oh, and there are 4 litres of semi skimmed milk tucked in the door too!

Coleman's English Mustard (The loveliest and hottest mustard in the world), Garden Mint Sauce(perfect with roast lamb) and Hot English Horseradish (perfect with roast beef - but makes your eyes water)....

So, that accounts for the complete contents of my refrigerator on this particular day in April 2008 (and yes, you may have spotted a couple of christmas puddings hidden in the top corner - they are being saved for next christmas as they taste sooo much nicer when they are mature!).

Goodness knows what I'll think of all of this when I look back on it in a few decades time...LOL! I'm not quite sure what this refrigerator contents says about me (apart from the fact that I am bloody hungry!).

Well, I am only left with two things to say. Firstly, what is the contents of your refrigerator? I am curious to find out what other people around the world have in theirs. Secondly, does anybody have any suggestions on what I can eat tonight? As I have a few apples in the fruit bowl, I feel a Traditional English "Ploughman's Lunch" coming on.

If you haven't heard of a "Ploughman's Lunch" (more commonly called a "Ploughman's") before, it traditionally consists of a thick piece of cheese (usually Cheddar, Stilton or other local cheese), pickle (usually Branstons Pickle or Piccalilli and pickled onions). This would be served with a big wedge of crusty bread and a generous helping of butter, green salads, half an apple, beetroot and a hard boiled egg. All of this would be washed down with a pint of local Real Ale (bugger, that is the most important part of the meal and I haven't got any!!!!! HELP!!!!!!)

Bye for now, I'm off to eat ;)

Graham Ettridge xx


meleah rebeccah said...

good lord thats a lot of food for one guy....but you are an excellent cook so I guess I shouldn't be too be surprised.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I had fun looking at your fridge, now either I need to get a life, or I pine for british food stuffs I can't get here lol! I do like pickles too, and was shocked to find pickled baby brussel sprouts at the local supermarket here in ohio :)

I would go for the ploughman's lunch, YUM!

Chica said...

Your fridge is so shiny and purdy, makes me want to go in and scrub mine clean again! LOL

Getty72 said...

Meleah Rebeccah, LOL! Thanks :) Trust me, I don't eat like this all the time... I just chose to take the photos on a healthy moment...LOL!

Jafabrit, I can totally imagine what you mean. I have hard enough time without my English food stuffs, even after 2 or 3 weeks. Pickled baby brussel sprouts? That sounds interesting. And I did go for the ploughman's and it was YUM!!!

Chica, thanks... I decided that 2008 was going to be a healthy year (so far I am kinda keeping to it... on some days...!)

DANIELA said...


long time no talk!
how are you?!



Getty72 said...

Hey daniela, great to hear from you :) I am fine thanks... I hope you are well too! Keep smilin'!!!

Elise said...

Your ridge looks like my fridge! I have cartons of Activia, I have a bar of anchor butter, I have jars, and I have lots of veg xx

Anonymous said...

When's supper?

Everything looks tasty!

Red said...

i'm actually quite astonished at how many american products you have in there! At least it wasn't all the junk food - although you haven't shown your cabinets yet ;-)

Getty72 said...

Elise, hey.. great minds think a like... I guess that now extends to eat alike too...LOL!

Chasing Fireflies, Great to see you again!!!! You just need to whistle and supper will be served ;)

Hey Red :) Thanks for popping in :) Ahhh that is a good point, I'll show my cabinets in another post soon ;). Anywayz, now it's your turn to reveal whats in your fridge :)

Anonymous said...

Firstly that's the cleanest fridge I've seen in a long time, my fridge now is empty Tesco's tommorrow, all that was left was mince meat and some homemade tomato sauce so I made meat balls for dinner with the left over pasta delish. I'm a great fan of ploughmans, I usually was mine down with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Anonymous said...

Funny, we have about the same fridge... and the same contents!

Just I have maple syrup instead or marmalade, but same veggies, same diet apparently.

Aren't we healthy! ;)

Scarlett said...

With all those fruits and veggies in your ref, I have the impression that you are a healthy eater. :-)

If you look at my ref now, you'd see packed meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, including snacks and a dessert)being delivered everyday. I am trying my luck at South beach diet! So wish me good.

Muse said...

you don't wanna see what my fridge looks like. I think i had a few posts years ago - scary stuff ;-)

Getty72 said...

LOL Muse!!! Well, I am just gonna have to dig through your archives and have a peep!!!!

Getty72 said...

Cayasm, thanks :) It sounds like you watched the same cookery programme as me. I made Moroccan meatballs in tomato sauce with past that night too :)

Hey Zhu! Great minds think alike :)

Scarlett, I think it is more like I have good weeks and bad weeks. It doesn't always look this! I wish you loads of luck with your South Beach Diet!!!! :)

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Are you sure you are single Graham? As I recall, in my single days, there was - hmmmmm - maybe a wilted stick of celery, sour milk and left over pizza in my fridge. In fact, one of the reasons I got married was to ensure I ate well. I cannot look after myself, but I am very good at looking after others.... btw, some of the stuff you have in your fridge is mine (picalilli and branstons pickle).

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, there's nothing like fresh food in a frigo. I'm about to unplug mine and drive for 8 hours North. Argh!

Your blog is very well done. cheers.

Anetta said...


Did you eat all of that by your self!?
Advice: find some company!

wanderingbtrfly said...

Well now I am very hungry! I must say that your pints of milk and the Sainsbury's cheese have made me nostalgic... I think that may be a bad sign when groceries make a person nostalgic!

Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

that's great! I did this same post a while back; it was fun to look at my contents, and it's even more fun to see what others have

Oh man .. I remember Muller Rice fondly though. I loved that stuff. It's a shame no one sells it in the states, sniffle.

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