Saturday, 16 May 2009

April 2009 - Photography Challenge results

Chocolate & Roses
All because the lady loves..........

Above is my contribution to the April Photography challenge themed "Chocolate". When I first came up with the theme I had several complex ideas in my head. After a while of mulling them over, I decided to go right back to basics. I took two red roses out of the vase sitting on my lounge table and carefully removed the petals. I used the petals as a bed for the chocolate to sit on. The first photo worked well, but didn't quite have that "je ne se quois". So I coated the chocolate in a thin glaze of olive oil to give it a rich sheen. I was really pleased with the result.

And now for the best bit.... Your contributions. As usual, they are mind-blowingly brilliant and each has a slightly different interpretation of the theme.

Chica ~ Beloved Reese Pieces

Liss at A Memory Forever ~ Chocolate

Kimberly from Kimberly Creations ~ A Glass of wine and some chocolates

If I have missed anybody, then please let me know and I will definitely add you to the list!! and it is never too late to participate. Anytime you do, just mail me as I would love to see your interpretations and will add you to the post list.

Here are two of my favourite people who have recently posted their interpretations of our last challenge "10 things about me":

Zhu at Correr Es Mi Destino ~ 5+5 and 5+5=10

Robin at Naked in Eden ~ Who are you?

High praise to all of you for your artisic genius and great interpritations!!!!

Graham xx


Memories Of Mine said...

I like this photo. It has a romantic feel to it. I just need a glass of champagne :)

Robin Easton said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO touched that you saw my collage and liked it. I LOVED yours. I thought it was so cool and even though I missed the contest I found you idea so creative I HAD to go make one myself. It was a very very fun exercise. It gave me a wonderful break from work. I just can't over how creative you are in so many ways: your love of nature and photography, your writing and cooking and even your thinking and feeling is creative Graham. Oh! Another thing that is creative about you is your eager sense of humor and willingness to be goofy. I love that about you. I think if I met you in person we would laugh our guts our and cry our eyes out and just have the most amazing conversations. I know it. Thank you dear Lil' Goober. LOL!! I am so so honored. More than you know. Hugs and love from across the seas. You are a dear. Robin

no more said...

omg that looks so delicious, I love the way you set it on rose petals! Sadly i missed this challenge it ever too late to simply photograph chocolate? ;-) I DO have a bar in the kitchen, that means i would have to open it

your next challenge is challenging me to go outside! my oh my. ;-)

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