Sunday, 7 June 2009

A few more photographs from New York...

Here are a few more photos from my New York trip. I promise I will write a proper post about the trip soon :)

I loved the sights from the top of the "Rock"IMG_2993

These were two of the cutest little things I have ever seen. They were snuggled up next to me as I sat on the bank under the Brooklyn BridgeSisterly Love

I took hundreds of photographs around Central Park. It was such a magical place on Memorial Day. The weather was amazing and the people were all so friendly and happy.Central Park 1

This guy was entertaining the crowds in Central ParkPlaying The Drums In Central Park

One of many photos I took in Time Square, this time by day.Time Square by Day 2

The skyscrapers were so impressive, towering above me. I had permanent neck ache from walking around looking at the sky.
Reaching for the sky

The Trump Tower has an amazing waterfall inside. I will reveal it to you in a future post.
The Trump Tower

If only I had somebody to buy something for..... sigh....Tiffany & Co

Ground Zero..... lest we forget.....Ground Zero

A trip to the museum of natural history. These creatures looked really mean as fossils. I can't even begin to think what they were like alive!Dinosaur

Dinosaur 2

A trip to Wall Street.
Wall Street

Back to Time Square at night. I spent most of my evenings wandering around time square, just people watching and taking in the atmosphere.Time Square by night 3

Time Square by night 2

Walking back to my hotel in the early hours of the morning. The skyscrapers were as impressive by night as they were during the day. This hansom fellow is the Bank of America building...Skyscraper by night

...and this guy is the Empire State building. The very top of the building was literally touching the clouds.
The Empire State Building by Night

More to follow soon, with a full report :o)


no more said...

wall street - and no pic with the bulls? lol

I love the nighttime pics, these are all really great to look at...especially for those who have never been to a big city like that you take snippets of everyday life and goings on

I'm staring at the last pic of the empire state building and cannot decide what those statuesque things are on each side that look like they have wings. Birds, gargoyles? hmm

Now outside of pictures did you have any interesting experiences, meeting any interesting people or characters? I'd like to hear all about it!

Janette said...

Another set of amazing photos G - I think the New York ones are your best yet. Can't wait to see/hear more about the trip!

Elise said...

The pics are stunning. I love the way you captured the city. So vibrant and full of life.

I must confess, the ducks are my favourite xx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...your pictures are great...every time I see them I want to go back to NYC! I've been here for a month and I went there twice, lol...something tells me I'll spend lots of time in Manhattan.

jackaranda said...

Many thanks for the fabulous trip around New York. I have never been there, so I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your photographs.You captured the height of the buildings very well - I felt quite hemmed in......

Boricua in Texas said...

These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

film izle said...

thank you :)

Memories Of Mine said...

Graham NYC looks like it has loads of personality. Your photos really make the travel bug inside me stir.

Lilliy said...

Amazing photos as always..
Your blog is a Favorite of mine from long ago that is why I choose your blog for one of my choices of The Lovely Blog Award on this link:

Unknown said...

Thanks Muse and I promise to write about the trip soon. I'll start tomorrow xx

Janette, that is really so kind of you to say.

Elise :) They were soooo cute! I could have sat there next to them all day :)

Thrice, I have a funny feeling that you will be visting NYC quite!

Hey Minz!!!! Thank you :) The tall buildings were quite dominating. I am glad that I managed to catch a little bit of the feeling in the photos.

Awww, thanks Ingrid :D

Film Izle, I am glad you like the photos :)

Liss, the trouble is the photos make the travel bug inside me stir also. I want to travel again!

Awww thank you Lilliy! That is so kind of you. I am honoured to receive your award. It means a lot!!!

Deadpoolite said...

Great pics as always G-man! My gal has been there and says that she has taken "scaringly" similar pictures to yours from the place.

Plus, she commented on your great photographic technique so be proud man! Heh.


J.H said...

I love those night picture! I really need to improve mine :-) Please share more tips on your future post :-)

Anonymous said...

The shot from the top of the Rockefeller centre is the background on my blackberry - it's an awesome pic!

meleah rebeccah said...


Im so sorry I missed this.


Daszzle said...

Hold up a freakin' minute... you were in the U.S. and I didn't know about it? Goat and I could've met up with you. I sure hope you weren't in PA mister or else you're in big trouble! ;)

desi said...

WOW, VERY good photos!!! :)

you should join my PhotoClub! the theme for this month is MOVE

looking forward!!

:D esi

film izle said...

aring at the last pic of the empire state building and cannot decide what those statuesque things are on each side that look like thank you admin

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