Sunday, 8 July 2007

I've been tagged? ...another 8 things about me?

Oh my goodness, I’ve been tagged by two people...Firstly thank you Zhu (Correr Es Mi Destino) and Choc Mint Girl for tagging me. So, what do I do now?...

….read the rules I guess. Here goes….

The Rules: "Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those peoples' sites and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do."

Okay, that seems relatively painless. Hang-on!!! I’ve already stripped myself bare with 100 things about me…oh crumbs!!! I have to reveal another 8 things? You’ll all end up knowing more about me than I do!!!!

1) I used to be a speleologist (that means I used to climb into small holes in limestone hills and go potholing/caving) - one activity that, following the addition of one titanium shoulder, will be placed into the archives .

2) I frequently get emotional when watching films (especially Frank Capra’s “It's A Wonderful Life”)

3) I have to wear a very unflattering white uniform at work. That's white trousers and white jacket (please note that I have strategically forgotten to include a photo of me in the uniform).

4) I do not like going to discos – I would much rather meet friends in a country pub / café / restaurant. Mainly because my voice is quite quiet so nobody can hear me at a disco and I end up feeling like a complete banana!!! Below is a photo of my local pub - An idyllic thatched roofed country pub with wooden beams on the ceiling, two large roaring fireplaces, great food and proper English beer (as well as Guinness and Cider).

5) I find driving therapeutic…occasionally, when I have had a particularly bad day at work, I will jump in the car, drive 90 minutes to the coast to sit on the beach and watch the sun set.

6) I can never seem to get comfortable when reading in bed, so instead turn the lights off and listen to an audio-book.

7) I’m not as green-conscious as I should be. As part of this post I am going to commit to making sure I reduce my waste, turn off unnecessary lights in the house, recycle more and be more aware.

8) I enjoy going to London, to the theatre and concerts. As well as going London’s contribution to the Global “Live 8” concert in Hyde Park, in the past few years I have also seen Robbie Williams, Queen & Paul Rogers, Moby, Katie Melua, Rod Stewart, Status Quo, Jamie Cullum, and many more as well as several Classical evenings with the “The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” in London’s famous Royal Albert Hall and Kenwood House Gardens. Theatre shows I have seen recently include “Noises Off”, “The Producers”, “The Lion King”, “Starlight Express”, “A Long Days Journey Into Night”, “We Will Rock You”.

Okay, so that was my list of 8 facts. Now to nominate 8 bloggers to tag. Please note that these are in no specific order:

1)I'll start with Azzitizz, as I just can't wait to read what she has to say....

2)The next is Practically Dutch - to celebrate her new job!!....

3)My number three is Raspberry Grace...who has written many emotional posts.

4)Next is Muse at "Xanadu" (and Mia the cat), who needs cheering up after the ceiling collapsed in their lounge!

5)Marjie is most definitely on my list, and I can't wait to read her 8 facts on her new blog.

6)Sebastian's Soap Box. This man has written so many great posts and I want to see how he responds to this one....

7) Valerie at The Atheist Diaries, because she has so many interesting things to say and writes so eloquently.

8)The wonderful Epoch [z] who continues to facinate me with her fantastic posts.

Well, I guess that this means I have successfully completed my tag!


Anonymous said...

Good good good... you've done your homework !

However, I can't give you a A yet. The picture of you in uniform is messing. Sorry, I don't take unfinished homework ! :D

Sebastian said...

oh wow! I got tagged! Woohoo! I'm not sure on what do to, but I will try my best :))

-- sebastian

AZZITIZZ said...

PHHHHHHHT! (Can't spell farty noise, but the word raspberries just doesn't have the same kind of effect!).
Thanks a lot Graham!
Done it though!

Anonymous said...

Well Hello Mr. Graham...thank you so much for tagging me. I am now settled in my new blog, and you are very much welcome to visit it. I shall work on this tag as soon as possible. Thanks again for getting me involved!

Epoch [z] said...

Haha Wow, I've been tagged. I guess I better hop to it. The things you've written about you are very interesting. Especially the part about your uniform :} I'm curious about that now.

~Epoch [z]

Marjie said...

Graham...I'm soo sorry to inform you so soon on my move. I just realized the con side of moving to wordpress, so now I'm still in the middle of deciding if I will keep blogging there. I shall let you know as soon as possible!

Thanks again...your tag will be one of the first posts I'll make in my new blog (Once I figure out where to put it :))

Epoch [z] said...

I suppose I might have just cheated. I tagged you... but I don't expect you to do another one.

christina marie said...

Your blog is amazing!
I haven't read much yet, but I definitely will tomorrow. Right now, I need some sleep.
Just thought I'd give you a wee compliment before I leftttt


Practically Dutch said...

Sorry, it was awfully rude of me to forget to thank you for my tag - thank you.

I'm also pretty impressed that i was awarded my first A.. ever! yours wasnt so bad yourself!

Raspberry Grace said...

I am clueless about the tagging thing!! Help!!

Choc Mint Girl said...

Hey, Graham! Thank you for accomplishing the 8-thingy, but I thought you would do 16 things about you because there were two people tagging you...? HA HA... just joking!!

So, you’re a "caveman", didn’t hide your emotions (some men do) meaning that you’re sensitive towards other people’s feelings, and you wear all white?? Hmm...a friend of mine used to complain that their uniforms look like curtain he he...

Oh yeah, like you, I’d rather go someplace else where I don’t have to shout my lungs out because sometimes it’s funny, when my friends and I talk and talk and we don’t even realize how loud we are until the music is slowing down, then, we could hear as if everybody’s screaming!!!

Marjie said...

Hey graham...thanks for the music info. I shall check it out ASAP! BTW...just now...before I realized you commented...I posted a music review about MIKA. He's another pop singer from UK that I've been crazy about for months now! Check out my recent post of him when you get a chance!

Thanks again dear...Be blessed!

Marjie said...

Hah...okay...that was awesome music. I love it. Thanks again for the Tip!

BTW...if you're into jazz/soul music, I discovered an American artist, Marc Broussard, not to long ago. He's just beginning to get noticed here in the U.S, but you can check his myspace at

have a good one!

Lorelai236 said...

Cute pub!

Anonymous said...

Still in Turkey ?

Paper Fan Club said...

Great list... that is so cool that you were at Live 8. I also like Robbie Williams -- he must be great to see live.

Anonymous said...

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Sandy said...

Congrats on the blog of the day award!

Unknown said...

Hi all, thanks for your great comments...

Zhu, thanks for tagging me... sorry about the lack of the photo of me in a white Honda uniform... perhaps I'll brave it in a future post ;)

Sebs, gret response to your tag...keep it going mate!!

Azzitizz, PHHHHHHT back...LOL!! loved your response too :D

Marjie, well done on the new blog looks great!!

Epoch [z], keep it going matie. Well done on your tag repsonse (even though you did tag me again!!!)

Unknown said...

Christina Marie, thanks for your comment and welcome to the blogging world. I truly look forward to reading your future posts :D

Practically Dutch, it was a pleasure to tag you...I luv your blog and good luck with your job!!!

Raspberry Grace, LOL! I was clueless too. Copy the rules into a new post, then reveale 8 things about you and nominate 8 people to tag....hope you have fun :D

Hey Choc! Thanks for the comments and I still luv that song that plays in the background of your blog!

Lorelai236, yes it is a great pub. With a great landlord and barstaff, a great atmosphere, great food and great drink....what else could you ask for???

Zhu, no I am not going to make it to Turkey now - I have been sick for a while and have been off work. After 14 years without one day of sickness, I seem to be making up for it this year :( Hopefully will be better soon!!

Paper Fan Club, Robbie Williams was great Live. We went to a place called Knebworth which is a big Stately Home in England. There were 125,000 people at the concert and Moby was supporting.

Famous Quotaions, Woohooo!!!! I've been awarded Blog of the Day!!! Thanks!!!

Sandy, thanks for your kind comment :)

Stephanie said...

Aww, don't feel bad about the white uniform Graham!I've allways kind of had a thing for men in white uniforms...they're officer and a gentlemenlike...

Either that or the fact that they remind me of ice cream men and nursing scrubs...

Tracy said...

It was nice to learn some things about you. I think we'd get along well in person! :)

I'm also rather quiet and get emotional during movies (I love It's a Wonderful Life!) I also love to drive for therapy - but with gas prices, a real therapist might be cheaper! ;)

Your pub looks fantastic! I've never been to a pub.

I love Rod Stewart. My Mom was a huge fan and went to many concerts, so I grew up listening to RS since I was a baby. LOL.

Best wishes! :)

Deadpoolite said...

Really cool list but I have to admit I am a bit disappointed. I mean no white uniform pic, no revelation of future plans to take over the world, no fancy stalker pics you took from innocent girls, nothing. You are actually a good bloke, I mean this is unacceptable:)

Ok, I'll give you one more year to get at the top spot of the most wanted speleologist's list (you are probably number 1 as we speak,come to think of it you must be the only candidate, lol) . So start living the dirty life and you'll gain my hard earned applause:)

Till then, only one comment remains :

Great blog entry!
(Ok, it sucks but I a sucker for a good PR strategy, oops just blew it, ha,ha,ha)

Talk to ya later!

Unknown said...

Thanks Me :) I've never thought of myself as a Richard Gere lookalike before...Mmmmm

Hi Tracy, thanks for the nice feedback. You absolutely must come over and try our pubs... there's not much us Brits can get right, but we have the best pubs and bars in the world!!!

Deadpoolite, goal for the next 12 months is to dirty up a bit... Oh gosh, sounds like a real challenge....LOL!!!

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