Sunday, 6 July 2008

Another Sunday afternoon stroll through the wilderness....

For me, the most perfect place to go walking is deep in a forest, and the prefect weather for walking is when it is raining. Today I had the luxury of walking in a forest in the rain. There simply isn't anything else in the world that even comes close to such an experience. The sounds of the rain hitting the leaves, the scent of the wet grass and the sights of the flora & fauna, and I am fortunate enough to have it all on my doorstep.

I have blogged about wandering through Savernake Forest once before, and I know that I will never be able to capture the forest through photographs in the way that I achieved that morning.

Today I also felt like I needed some company as I wandered through the undergrowth... Therefore I decided to invite you all along. So, grab your walking boots, waterproof jacket (trust me, you'll be needing that!) and a flask of tea and let's get walking!

(If you would like to see the video in a higher quality level, click on the youtube logo and then select the "Watch in High Quality" option)

There is something so endearing about the squelching of sodden mud underfoot, something so relaxing about the feeling of raindrops running down my face; something so captivating about the cool breeze on my cheeks; something so comforting when I unscrew the lid of the hot flask and pour that first cup of sweet tea.

The beauty of wandering through Savernake Forest is that there are so many trails that lead off in every direction, you could visit it time and time again without taking the same path twice. And whilst wandering down a path between the trees, every once in a while you stumble upon a tree of great wisdom and beauty - all aged and twisted. On the video clip above (at around the 7:15 mins point), there is the most magnificant tree that reminds me of "Treebeard" the Ent in the "Lord Of The Rings" Trilogy. You can clearly see see his eyes, nose and mouth. Truly enchanting. (There is also a little bit of narrative near the end of the video too! I wasn't brave enough to narrate the who video on this!)

Finally, here are a couple of the photographs I took on my journey.

Nature is so beautiful!

Cheerio for now,

Graham x


Kelly Ann said...

That first photograph reminds me of those orb pictures that you see from Ghost websites or tv shows! lol.

Your video was cool, I bet that was a great hike, it was so gorgeous, although it should have been narrated by your endearing accent. *ahem*

Beautiful imagery as always Graham :)

Anonymous said...

Man, feels like you're living in the middle of the Amazon forest!

I didn't remember the UK was that green!

Memories Of Mine said...

I love the moss picture the green so intense, nice light and that tree was amazing never see any thing like it before.
It was a pleasure walking with you. I am glad you bought the flask of tea, I need it. The only thing that could have made the walk better was some mist. I love walking in the mist. Now, excuse me I need to go dry off.
PS: Love the accent it is so cute... please talk some more.
(I left you a message on my blog, thanks for your lovely words)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I agree with everyone about your accent, I think I have a crush now.....shhhh....don't tell Cody ;)

I should have taken advantage of a rainy day hike this weekend, but I didn't. I couldn't bear leaving the house this weekend.......good thing I got a little taste through your video - I really needed that! Glad you finally got outdoors.

Janette said...

Wow - you are so lucky to have that on your doorstep (but then I have Sherwood Forest and the Peak District that I very rarely visit!) Loved the walk although more of a fair weather girl myself (I think if I had rain on my Ben Nevis climb I would have curled up in a ball and cried!)

simply organized 4 life said...

What a glorious opportunity to have been able to stroll with you through this beautiful forest. It so reminded me of my home in Northern California, growing up amongst the redwood forest and always taking long walks on those beautiful drizzly days, hearing one of god's creatures scamper by while foraging for food and the smell of the wet trees. SO fabulous. Thank you for the opportunity to have walked with you. It was almost like being there. Too bad they cannot relay beautiful scents through the internet.

Your blog is wonderful.


Anonymous said...

This video and writing is absolutely precious. I could not believe it. You are a kindred "rain-walker". Of course....considering your great love of nature and life.

It is SO beautiful where you are. It reminds me so much of where I grew up on the east coast of USA (Maine)...thick lush forest, ferns towering trees, and everything green. I loved the spontaneous and innocent nature of this film. It's like it's saying, "This is LIFE...a walk in the the rain." It's so humbly beautiful and sweetly simply (not simplistic) but uncomplicated like nature.

I just loved these lines; they moved me to tears:

"There is something so endearing about the squelching of sodden mud underfoot, something so relaxing about the feeling of raindrops running down my face; something so captivating about the cool breeze on my cheeks; something so comforting when I unscrew the lid of the hot flask and pour that first cup of sweet tea."

Absolutely beautiful! You are an excellent writer: personal, passionate and so aware of detail.

Thank you Graham for sharing something so endearing as a walk in the woods on a rainy day. What a GREAT idea. Now I have to see if I can find a video camera and try this. I REALLY like this idea. You also choose the best music.

Hugs my friend,

AZZITIZZ said...

OK, OK, I give up, how do I get out of this place!!!!

You have got me totally lost, my boots are full of mud and I fell twice!

By the way, did you ever find where the singers were hiding?

Thanks for the walk though, very enjoyable.

Love Azzy

Daszzle said...

Yes, it's quite obvious that you're one hellavu photographer dear friend, but did you also know that you're a poet at heart?

I only wish that I could write with one ounce of the elegance which flows from your keyboard.

Hope all is well Graham,


Unknown said...

Chica, thanks friend :) I'll be sure to say more next time.... I just think my voice sounds really wierd!!!

Zhu, you would never believe how much rain we have received over the past 3 years... it has been almost non stop! Everything is so green now... I just wish it would stop raining for a while.

Liss, now you are making me blush! Thanks :) I love the mist too. I'll be sure to go for a wander when we get some! I love moss on trees... it is just so amazing in colour and texture and smells so fresh too.

Jessica, awwwww thanks hun! Well, if ya get bored of Cody, you know where I am ;) I really thought my voice sounded horrible, which is why I didn't say much. I appreciate your encouragement (and will try to say more next time if I can pluck up the courage).

Unknown said...

Janette, I have always wanted to go walking through Sherwood Forest. I have always wanted to retread the footsteps of the famous Robin Hood. I am sure you would have been upset if it had rained on your Ben Nevis climb.... I am full of admiration that you managed to get to the top!

Kimberly, thank you so much for your kind words. I would love to go wandering through the forests of the Redwoods... those trees are so huge and towering. I would love to lay on my back on the ground and look up to the sky through the tree tops. I agree, it is a shame that we don't have scratch and sniff interent.

Unknown said...

Robin, you must absoluetely get your hands on a video camera and give this a try... It would be so fascinating to see, and it'll be like joining you on the trek. Hugs back to ya my friend ~ Graham :)

Azzy, isn't it great to get all muddy!!! Those darned singers followed me wherever I went... It was like voices in my head...LMAO!!!! I think I am going slightly mad!!!!!

Daszzle, wow, thank you thank you thank you!!!! Your comments are so truly kind and appreciated, as are you!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Very relaxing walk. I love the chest high ferns and the gnarley old man tree. The rain gives the video a bit of a mystical feel.

You've inspired me. Perhaps we should all endeavour to take our readers on a wander around our 'place'.

cheers mate,

Anonymous said...

Ive never taken a walk in the forest in the rain. This post makes me want to try it out for myself.

Might do me some good - to calm my nerves these days.

Anonymous said...

Where I live its hard not to walk through the forest in the rain. I completely take my home here in the Pacific northwest for granted. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful it is here...

Michelle Hix said...

Oh Graham! Where have I been? I just discovered this post today. I loved the video. I noticed that you call the tree a "him" and in my poems I call it a "her". Funny. I think that tree looks like mother nature herself.

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