Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Fame at last!!!!

Hurray! Finally, I have my two seconds of fame!

My photo below appeared on TV this evening...

Savernake Forest 15

I received an email from the Evening News Weather Team to inform me that they used my photograph as the backdrop to the evening weather forecast. I know it is a small event in the great scheme of things... but certainly made me smile.

Cheerio for now, Graham!


Deadpoolite said...

Congragulations friend! I am glad I am not the only one with good taste in pictures. As I told you I put one of your pics as the new background of my greek blog and it looks truely amazing.


It is all in greek, content wise, but I think you will like the aesthetics of it.

Thanks for filling our lives with such beautiful images!

Don't worry DP branded wacky abuse will resume normally starting tomorrow , LOL!

Getty72 said...

Hey DP, thanks... your comments mean a lot. I am honoured to have a photo as your background. Thanks friend :)

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I wish that picture was the backdrop for my backyard each day...

You must be so please, as I am pleased for you!

Azzitizz said...

Whooo Hoooo!
Well Done You!
You should have videoed your TV and posted it on your blog.


odd facts said...

Congratulations! Beautiful picture.

hayley-emsley said...

Congratulations Graham, that picture is beautiful, well done.

I love taking pictures too, but mainly of nights out and drunken people! haha.

That picture really does take your breath away!

Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. What does WTG mean?


meleah rebeccah said...


Now thats something to be proud of!

Good for you.

meleah rebeccah said...

I agree with Azzitizz

"You should have videoed your TV and posted it on your blog."

Elise said...


The pic is really good. I'm glad you've got your foot in the door


dutchie said...

Fab photo !!

Max said...

Hey Graham,

It is an amazing photo, indeed :)!


Getty72 said...

Hey Linda, thanks, I truly appreciate your comments :)

Azzitizz, I was gutted as I didn't receive the email until I got home from work (which was after it had been shown on TV), so I never actually got to see it myself :((((

Odd Facts, thank you :)

Hayley... LOL! It sounds like you are enjoying life to the full. That is great! Good luck with the interviews!

Getty72 said...

Meleah Rebeccah ~ I am feeling quite proud actually :) It is just a shame that I never got to see it on TV.

Elise, thank you so much for your nice comment.

Hey Dutchie, nice to hear from ou again :) and thanks for your nice words.

Cheers Max, I was quite chuffed with the photo. It was one of those mornings where the colours were simply amazing.

Cocaine Princess said...

Fantastic for you!! I am so happy and proud of you, give yourself a round of applause! You take beautiful photos. I hope you went out to celebrate.
I would like to say how blessed I feel by reading your comments. It's people like you who are so sweet and kind that give me the courage to keep on going. There is nothing like believing in yourself but sometimes it's helpful to have another person supporting and encouraging you. You are living proof that there are good and sweet people in this world still. When I do come to England for my book tour, don't worry you won't have to camp out overnight- you'll receive the VIP TREATMENT and be rushed to the front of the line. By the way, no I don't use drugs. I don't even smoke and I hardly ever drink. Take Care love.

Cocaine Princess

Zhu said...

That's really cool! How did they get their hands on the picture??

I told you it was nice, looks like a screenshot from the sleepy hollow movie ;)

Taking early walks in England pays off as I see!

BottleBlonde said...

That's wonderful, dear Graham!

You'll be a celebrity soon, and you'll forget about us little people. :-( Just sign my tits when I come stalking you, okay?

NeoAuteur said...

I'm not surprised. I have been using the image as my desktop background for the last few weeks. It's a gorgeous image for sure. Congrats!

Practically Dutch said...

Hey!! thats soooo cool!!!! how did they get the photo though?!

Getty72 said...

Hey Cocaine Princess, thank you for such kind words. They are always truly appreciated.

Zhu, hello friend!! Thanks for your nice comment. I sent a few of the photos off to a handful of competitions - just out of curiosity. So far I have received some really positive feedback - Maybe I am now finding my true vocation.

Bottleblonde, Thanks hun! Do I really have to wait to be famous before I give you my autograph??? I am more than happy to do it as soon as you want ;)

Getty72 said...

neoauteur, thanks again for your lovely comments about my photographs. I am truly glad that they provide enjoyment to others.

Rachel, it was cool wasn't it! I sent some of the photos off to a handful of competitions. This one got through to the ITV news. It is certainly gratifying

A Friend said...


See you are so much better than you think you are, as we all keep telling you!!! You are just far too humble. There are so many people that are really proud to know you. It is a real privilege to call you a friend.

You deserve all the accolade that you receive!!! May this be the end of the bad luck and the beginning of the good luck. My fingers are tightly crossed for you.

Muse said...

Now how did you swing that? That's really cool - the shots you took tha day were really good. You should take them to a photoshop and make them into a calendar. You can give those away as gifts for christmas ;-)

Btw when did you start the rating feature on your posts? My god, i would NOT have the nerve to do that as I am quite certain that after low rankings i would disappear into oblivion

Btw what kind of camera do you have?

Jackal said...

Congratulations Graham. It is certainly a stunning cature!

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A new site just a few months old - looking to have more talented photographers join the supportive, encouraging community.



Getty72 said...

Whoever you are friend, thanks for the nice comment. It is appreciated.

Getty72 said...

Muse, thanks and I hope you feel better soon!!! I am very tempted to get some of the photos made into a calendar. If I do, I'll let ya know. Regarding the ratings - I am not completely decided on them yet...lol! I'm still in the "shall I or not?" zone.

Jackal, Thanks for the advice. I will certainly have a look at the site. Thanks!

kasper794 said...

Congrats. I loved all of your photos,but something like that would put a smile on my face too.

I have an award for you on my page. Check it out. Have a great day.

Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal said...

I am so proud of you, buddy! Congrats!!! :)

I have an award for you...I love to pamper you with awards...he he he...

Best Blogging Buddies Award

La Chanson de Phoenix said...


Inga Encinas said...

Amazing pictures! I can imagine how many legends keeps this wonderful forest!

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