Sunday, 10 February 2008

Candle & Flame

This isn't my contribution to the February Photo Challenge, but a photo I took a couple of weeks ago and have only just had the opportunity to download. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

I am still not up to speed with the varying settings on my DSLR so am in the midst of experimenting as much as I can.

I "blacked out" my bedroom and took the photo on a slow exposure. A word of warning for anybody else that is contemplating trying this themeselves. Make sure you make a clear path in the room that you black-out, so that you can move around safely. I ended up with a bruise on my leg and a bump on my! And yes, I did swear a couple of times too!

Best wishes, Graham x

ps. If you are interested in which Camera settings I used for the image, please click on the following link Candle photograph settings


Chica said...

I have the worst trouble with low light images. I don't know how to not get it blurry or really noisy, only sometimes do I get it right, but thats when I play with city lights and move my camera around like a madman! lol. Wonderful candle image, it looks so lonely though. You have a great weekend as well, thank you for your wonderful comments. :)

Getty72 said...

It's amazing how a photo can capture how you are feeling sometimes.

Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to your next photo editing challenge :o)

Muse said...

great shot! Candles really do create a strange sense of peace when you look at them.

Tripod? I found the slower the exposure -even in LIT rooms you absolutey can't hold the camera unless it's resting on top of a steady surface. Ugh, i am so bad with the low light exposures, but a good shot is soo worth it

Getty72 said...

I most definitely used a tripod for this one. Which is great for taking a great long exposure shot, but becomes a leathal obstacle when in a blacked-out room.

I also used a remote trigger, as to avoid shaking the camera when I took the shot.

I will be honest, I took about 20 shots all at different settings to find the best result. I just need to remember what setting I used for this!

Muse said...

I think i need to throw out that tripod someone gave me - do you really screw your camera around the top or am i not doing it right? Then the camera gets stuck on

doesn't your camera automatically store your settings on each picture so you can reference? More shots are better, sometimes taking the same image over with various settings and exposures will not only get a good shot but allow you to see it from various perspectives of light and focus. once in awhile i tend to like my out of focus shots

kasper794 said...

I really enjoyed the shot of the candle. I need to learn to take better photographs.

Zhu said...

Nice! It's always hard to take clear night/ drak pictures. I'm getting to know my camera pretty well though, I should try this one.

Can't wait to see your "pattern" picture!

Anonymous said...

lovely photo! very peaceful.

Elise said...

The trouble seems worth it Getty. The photo is fantastic. Yuo should try getting it published somewhere. Its picture perfect.


meleah rebeccah said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL photo

Azzitizz said...

Looks so real, I tried to blow it out!

Beautiful and calming pic.

Have a great week.


thecup said...

Graham thanks for voting in the first round of my male actor tournament! I really appreciate it. The first round is over and there were a couple of surprises. Anyway thank you for voting on the first round. The second round will get harder, I hope you will vote again in Round 2. =)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Well done! I really like it...

Michelle Hix said...

Happy Valentine's Day Graham!

reader said...

This is an amazing site and I love the picture!

Michelle Hix said...


My friend Kat just made up a new meme so I did it and tagged you for the same if you feel like doing one. Detail on my blog of course!

Getty72 said...

Muse, my camera does automatically store my settings - it is just that I keep changing!

Kasper, thanks for your comment. I am the same, I just need to keep practicing and setting more challenges.

Zhu, I need to take my "Pattern" challenge photo pretty soon. I'm falling behind again ....ooops!!

Chasing Fireflies, thank you for your kind words :)

Elise, you make me blush... thank you friend :)

Meleah Rebeccah, I was lucky with this one... it actually came! Thanks :)

Hey Azzy, I hope you have a great weekend too :)

Getty72 said...

Michelle, thank you. I really appreciate your comments :)

Michelle, thanks and a Happy Valentines Day to you too xxxx

Reader, welcome and thank you for your kind comment.

Michelle, that sounds like a great challenge. I'll be sure to do that one soon! Mmmmm, I am thinking already about my!

Anonymous said...

This is a great photo - you should be proud. Thanks for sharing!

Trinity said...

I have canon eos and I definitely try to take a picture using your setting! I am so surprise to see the details... oh wow.. is that hard? LOL... ok..ok.. I'll try..

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