Saturday, 8 March 2008

March Photography Challenge

"It's not the camera that takes a great photograph, it is the photographer"

Well, we have the results in of the March 2008 Photography Challenge Poll and the theme for March with 60% of the votes is "Destruction".

The other suggestions will be used in future challenges. Please feel free to put forward any other suggestions for themes that you have. Every couple of months I will carry out a poll!!


Just to recap, the guidelines for the challenge are as follows:

1) Take a photograph that in some way, manner or form represents “Destruction”. The post title will simply be “Photograph Challenge March 2008 – Destruction”. Please be welcome to include as many photographs as you like in your post - however, please nominate one as your challenge entry.

2) Include a brief explanation of how the photograph relates to the subject. The photograph doesn't need to be outside, it can be of somebody or of something around the home.... it just needs to represent the theme of the month.

3) When you have posted your challenge, be sure to send me a link so that I can include it on my "March Challenge Entry" post at the end of the month!

!!Happy Photography!!

Graham Ettridge

If you have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact me on


Practically Dutch said...

Hey!!!! Wow now that is impressive! I literally re-started it 3 minutes ago!!!! As you probably know me and Jack are back in the Uk now, unfortunatly we broke up just after we arrived home but are still on good terms, isnt easy though..

Getty72 said...

Hey Rachel, great to hear from you! I am truly sorry to hear about you & Jack. Keep in touch, Graham x

Muse said...

yay! Great timing, i was hoping that maybe the theme would come this weekend since i took a couple of days off work and I can be thinking, if not snapping, some ideas. Since i have the month of march tho i may wait - we may be getting some spring weather soon..which i hate to say, brings pretty violent storms. Of course i have to think much broader than that. Which is why I like a theme, as it presents different perspective according to the photographers interpretation

Getty72 said...

So true Muse. I am so amazed at the responses so far to each of the challenges. Each person has taken a slightly different interpretation and perspective of the theme. It is just wonderful how individual we all are. I look forward to seeing each and every one.

Happy Snapping!!!!

Muse said...

destruction is challenging.

perhaps my kitchen after I bake cookies? LOL

Getty72 said...

Your cookies are truly scrumptious! I still have to try your recipe!!! The kitchen photo sounds like a cool idea - you should have seen mine after making the tart... there was flour everywhere!!!!!!!!

Chica said...

Oy, this one could mean a gazillion things, I may participate, but I can't promise anything. :)

becca said...

Ah, I wish I could get my camera sooner so I could participate in this. Sounds fun. Maybe I could catch the next one though.

Elise said...

I may have a go... I can't take photographs well but I'll try xx

meleah rebeccah said...

ooooooh!!! have fun with that one. Im digging the theme

Getty72 said...

Chica, I do hope you join in... You are so gifted at photography. I'd love to see your interpretation of this one :o)

becca, I hope your camera arrives soon! I look forward to seeing your photographic creativity!!!!

Elise, Yay!!! I can't wait to see your pics. I am sure yours will be fabulous!

Meleah... You absolutely must join in. I have seen so many of your photographs and they are simply wonderful. I am sure that if you give your father something to repair, there will be destruction! I remember the drawer video very well ;)

Zhu said...

Count me in! I'm already thinking of something... :$

Looked at all your food pics on Flickr. Please stop making me love food :$

Michelle said...

Hi Graham

I found you via Crystal/ChocMintGirl. What a great idea! :-) It was easy for me as I'd already been photographing destruction this morning (in between swearing LOL)

Here's my entry:

I am passing your blog link on to three photographing fanatic blogging friends. :-)

Tint~ said...

There are a couple of days left until the end of March. When is the deadline to enter? If I may enter, that is :)

Getty72 said...

Zhu, I can't wait to see your contribution!!!!! Your photographs are always great :)

Hey Michelle, thanks for your great contribution... although I am sorry to hear that the sheep have attacked your lawn. I will be sure to link to your post when I show the entries at the end of the month :)

Hi Tint ~ The closing date is the 31st March, but it is no problem if you are a little bit late... I will still include a link to your photograph once you post it :)

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