Sunday, 13 April 2008

A experimental photograph

Water by *Getty72 on deviantART

Well, I am still learning to use my DSLR camera, whilst trying to discover how to compose the object/scene. This morning, whilst eating my breakfast, I had a spur of the moment idea....

I took two small side-tables and balanced one on top of the other. I ran upstairs and dug out a sheet of green felt (that I use to cover my kitchen table when playing, and placed it over the lounge window. So, now the environment was looking pretty cool. Now for a subject! Last night I was taking photos as part of the April Photo challenge and had eaten far too much (there's a clue for the gluttony!). So, I decided that I needed a healthy subject this morning. There is nothing healthier than fresh water.... So I grabbed my biggest wine glass (an enormous burgandy wine glass) and filled a large jug full of water.

So now I have my subject. I placed the wine glass on top of the two tables, in front of the green felt, and placed the camera down the other end of the room. Now for the logistics... how am I going to get from the camera to the glass... ah! I know, I'll use the shutter timer on the camera.

So with jug (full of water) in hand, I pressed the trigger and ran as fast as I could down to the other end of the room, to get into position and start pouring the water into the glass - in time for the shutter to go off. Well, it worked in theory!!! I DID manage to press the trigger. I DID manage to run down to the other end of the room. I EVEN managed to start pouring the water. The only problem, is that I kept missing the glass.... Now if I was taking photos of water on the floor, I would have been very successful, but the camera was stragically pointed at the glass (which was still empty!).

After several failed attempts and a floor looking more like a swimming pool, I remembered that in my camera bag there is a remote trigger control. Why, oh why did I not think of this before???

With the remote trigger, I had enough time to get into position, press the remote and pour the water INTO the glass... Hurrah!!!

So, that is how I took the!

The next stage was to frame the photograph. Chica from Photo-Projectz has been giving me some really valuable tips on how to turn a photograph into a piece of art (I highly recommend that you visit her site). So, following her advice, I decided to add a black frame to the photograph. This was done by simply increasing the canvas size in Photoshop, and selecting Black as the canvas colour. The final stage was just to add the title of the image and my name to the bottom.

So, that is how I captured this image earlier today. I hope you like it. I would also appreciate any critique that you can offer.


Chica said...

LOL I can picture ya running back and forth, that's hilarious. Glad ya had the remote, I still need to order one for me, but I have a 12 second timer on mine, so I'm ok without one for now.

The lighting is fantastic on this. From what I know, usually the glass ought to be lighted from the side and diffused, but looks like you used natural lighting, which really is the best. :)

Getty72 said...

Thanks Chica :) The lighting was a bit unintentional as the green felt was only the size of a table cloth, so didn't cover the whole window - but it kind worked. Something I definitely need to work on for the future. I am going to check on ebay and see if I can pick up some larger size felt sheets for future!

Michelle Hix said...

You are having so much fun with this. The photo looks so incredibly professional. It looks like one of those "Successories" posters. Like the caption should read:

"Pour Your Heart Into It" or
"Pour Your Heart Out"

ha ha

Chica said...

If you really want to get into it check this out

Should help ya some. I'm going to try it for myself as soon as I get some supplies. :)

Getty72 said...

Michelle, I certainly am having fun with this one. It's funny that you mention the "Successories" photos, I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw the final!

ps. I love your captions!

Chica, that is such a cool contraption. I will definitely have a go at building one of those! Like you, I'll need to get the supplies!

Zhu said...

That is a really nice picture! It would have been wine, you could have used it for your "sin" photography challenge :D

I love photography that manages to capture motion. I took some pictures of a flooded river (snow melts fast...) this afternoon, hope it shows.

Scarlett said...

Another awesome pic Graham! I never get tired looking at your photographs.

Have a nice week ahead! Happy Monday!


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Very well executed - way to take action!

Matthijs Hofstede said...

Nice picture, maybe i should get one off those remote controls. I'm running most of the times.

cayasm said...

Great photo,also ten out of ten for effort all the running back and I also rated it.

Getty72 said...

Zhu :) Ahhhh, I have another selection of photographs for my "sins"! However, I could still have used wine for the photo. I may still give that a go. I like your idea :)

Awww Scarlett, thank you for your kind words :)

Jessica, thanks so much for stopping by :)

Matthijs, LOL! You must get a remote trigger. They make life so much easier!!!

Getty72 said...

Cayasm, thank you kindly for the rating :D It was quite exhausting at! But it was well worth the effort! I'm enjoying the change from landscape photography. It is good to try new ideas.

kasper794 said...

I wish all my pictures were as good as yours. Terrific photo.

crafter said...

nice man...i'll try this myself.

Anonymous said...


Graham hon, I can't TELL you how I laughed as a mental image of you running back and forth ran through my head. And then the thought of your missing the glass when you poured the water set me off again LOL.

I have to say though, it's a beautiful photo, very nicely lit and the image is perfectly crisp. :)

Marjie said...

What an amazing shot. It's trully fascinating how a simple thing as a glass of water is made elegant by your artistic eyes. And by the way, I'm still also amaze by our Connolly connection. I'd like to think: great minds think alike....don't they?!

Cheers m'dear..

Getty72 said...

Kasper, thanks but your photos are fabulous!!! I love the way you capture the moment in your pics! And you always have a great interpretation of the monthly challenges!!!

Crafter, if you do give it a go please let me know. I'd love to see your result!!!

Dawn, I am glad it made you smile... it was quite a fun!

Marjie, that Connolly moment was so! Great minds eh! Thanks for your kind words xx

Choc Mint Girl said...

I thought you were holding the jug with one hand while the other one was busy clicking ha ha! That was one hard way, but if it was me, I would do that way he he he he he...

I must say that the green background was really a fantastic idea. The photo turned out great! :)

Livros e Revistas said...

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Marjie said...'s funny you said something about it being in the book meme I tagged you. the truth is, if I had read it sooner....before I had done the would probably be the third thing on the list. I'm currently reading "The thirteenth tale" by diane setterfield. It supposedly fall along the same category as Connoly's book. It's goos so far....worth a read I should say:)


Anetta said...


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Anonymous said...

I just started taking photos as a hobby. It's so nice to accompany a shot with a story. I forever worry about breaking my camera however. They are so expensive.

Getty72 said...

Crystal, thanks for your lovely comment :) I was pleased with it, although it was a bit like hard!

Hey Lovros, thanks for stopping by :) I will definitely stop by your blog too

Getty72 said...

Marjie, I still can't get over that book thingy... It was so amazing. I'll definitely get "the thirteenth tale"!!

Hiya Anette, that site is fab! I'll give it a go, and let ya know when I post it! Thanks!!

Functions of time :) Lol! I know what you mean. Many times I have nearly dropped! I don't know what I would do without my camera! I would love to see some of your photos, so I'll stop by your blog.

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