Wednesday, 8 October 2008

October Photography Challenge

"It's not the camera that takes a great photograph, it is the photographer"

It is my favourite time of the month! It is challenge time! Hurrah!!! I was looking for a theme this month that would be fun and that anybody could join in with, no matter how good your photography skills are... and Muse from Xanadu came up with a great idea. It is an idea that is also quite fitting with the fact that Halloween is fast approaching too. The theme for this month is "Silhouette / Shadow". Now, the interpretations for this one are countless, and I am REALLY excited at seeing what you come up with. So dust off your camera, turn down the lights and get snapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I want to see ALL of you entering this one... and yes, that includes YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you... stop looking away... you know who you are!!


Just to recap, the guidelines for the challenge are as follows:

1) Take a photograph that in some way, manner or form represents the theme of "Silhouette / Shadow". You are welcome to use your artistic touch to manipulate the photograph using a photopackage such as photoshop. Be as creative as you desire!!! You are even welcome to sumbit a video clip, if that is your preferred media.

2) Include a brief explanation of how the photograph(s) relate to the theme. The photograph doesn't need to be outside, it can be of somebody or of something around the home.... it just needs to represent the theme of the month.

3) When you have posted your challenge, be sure to send me a link so that I can include it on my "October Challenge Entry" post at the end of the month!

4) You want to join in with the challenge but don't have a blog or website to display your photograph on?

No problem, either:
a)Just email me copy of the image, along with your name and a brief description of how the photograph(s) relate to the theme. I will then include your entry on my "October Challenge Entry" post at the end of the month!!!
b)Join up to a photo storage site like Redbubble or upload your photograph, then leave a link to the photograph in the comments box on this post.

!!Happy Photography!!

Graham Ettridge

If you have any questions, concerns or have an idea for a future photography challenge theme then please do not hesitate to contact me on


Chica said...

Wonderful theme Cracker! I'm going to enjoy this one, hopefully I get my camera back in time to participate. :)

Anonymous said...

thank you Graham...your comments are always so touching..I really feel you understand me, that means a lot to me. :)

Michelle Dawn said...

Great challenge. I'm on it. Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, what a great idea!

I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

You'll see my post sometime in October. ;)

Liss said...

This is really different, quite exciting.

Way to go Muse!!

will see what I can come up with.

Muse said...

woohoo! This should be fun to see everyones results since I love seeing all the photographs! (Sorry i havne't had a chance to comment on any of them just yet but that's on my agenda tonight because i just haven't had time to fool with the pc much) :-)) I also liked that you incorporated shadow with silhouette so that really allows more flexibility with the type of shot someone may be trying to achieve. Silhouette's aren't always easy to do

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I'm in! Cross my heart ;)

Ingrid said...

Here is my entry:

Getty72 said...

Hey Chica, I hope you get your camera back soon too :) I look forward to seeing your interpretation. Best wishes ~ Cracker :P

Anto, awww ty for your kind words too. Keep smiling :)

Michelle, great news! You always come up with geat captures. I can't wait to see the results :)

Dearest Zhu! Waiting to see your photographs is almost as exciting as the challenge itself. I really am looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Liss, you work wonders with the camera. I look forward to seeing what you magic up!

Muse, thank you so much for coming up with such a great theme! I await your image with baited breath!

Jess, hehehe! I had you in mind when I wrote the! I am looking forward to what you produce. You are so creative with your work!

Ingrid, wow! Such a lovely capture! I always enjoy your interpretations and you always manage to come up with such fantastic pieces of art!

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Phoenix Ryzing said...

This is my first time entering one of these challenges after being a reader of Graham's site for awhile, thanks to Mothman, and Chica. (without I would have never of found Graham's site)

Here is my entry into October's challenge:

Kimberly Miller said...

Hey Graham and everyone.

My entry is in at

I love the theme - really cool!!!!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

My entry is a post that I've already done, but the photos are so fitting for this challenge. I nearly forgot about it until Liss posted hers!?

To me, shots of the moon scream shadow and silhouette.....I spent a chilly night waiting for this beauty to show was well worth the extra effort involved.

Here's my entry:
Moments : Shooting the Moon

Anonymous said...

This is my first time participating. I found the challenge through Liss.

Elizabeth said...

here's my entry:

for some reason, I love the interplay of shadows and light, especially on the water.

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