Thursday, 13 November 2008

I need help and there's a special prize or two in store!

Time for a real challenge folks!!! I have often thought about putting a selection of my photographs together into a photobook. However, I really can't decide which photographs to include. Each time I wander through my images, I keep changing my mind.

This is where I would like you to come to my rescue. The task I am setting is for you to have a look through my photographs either here on my blog, at my flickr account or my Redbubble site, and select at least three photographs that you think should be included within the photobook. Then simply write a comment on this post with your selection along with a reason why you have chosen them.

This request will stay open until the end of this month. After that, I will put the names of all those who participated into hat and pull out 7 random names.

The first name drawn from the hat will get a signed copy of the photobook.

The next 6 names will be rewarded with a fridge magnet of one of the six most popular photographs chosen.

I really do thank you so kindly in advance for any selections that you make.

Happy hunting !!!

Graham xx

ps. Make sure you come back in December to find out if you are one of the lucky 7!!!


Chica said...

The choices are easy peazy cracker! :D

My choices would be:

Weathered through time
The rocky passage
Sunrise over the amazon
The wise old tree
The sinai desert
Let it rock
Under the boardwalk
The london eve

That's all I got. Of course, those are only my favorites. :D

Zhu said...

From your RedBubble account (how did you make it such a nice black???), I really like:

The Magic of Christmas
The London Eye By Night AND in the fog
The Wise Old Tree
Knightsbridge by Night
London's City Skyline

I'm actually a big fan of your city shots, which I find really shows what cities are all about. Lights, people, life, busyness etc.

Obviously, I like the Amazone etc. but because I have been there myself, I'm picky - see what I mean? I looked for photographs that meant something, that were talking to me, more than souvenirs. And well, I had to make a choice!

Jane Bregazzi said...

The mood of the sky at sunrise
The Dragonfly
A scene from the Sinai Desert
A time to rest after the big climb in the Sinai Desert
The Rocky Passage
White Rose in Black & White
Uffington Sheep 11

There are a lot to choose from but I chose these because the sunrise was lovely and spacey, the dragonfly was just so unreal,I love the heat and desolation of deserts, the sea through the passage had so much movement almost as though I was in the water, the white rose in black and white was just awesome and the uffington sheep looked so folorn.

A lot of these reminded me of my youth when I used to cart a 4x5 around in the landscape of the Wales and the Peak district.

Thank you for sharing them.

Marie (mariarty) said...

My choices are:

1: Togetherness, because: it is a candid shot, you have captured movement and made the underground look so dreamy and romantic with the blur and excellent toning.

2: Time For a Cuppa-Borough Market, because: again candid, and you have captured the essence of everyday real life.

3: Autumn, because: it has everything, gnarly old tree, mist, Autumn colours and those wonderful rays from the Autumn sunlight, all making this a magical and mystical image.

4: The Setting Sun, because: I love sunsets, you have captured, silhouettes, warm evening colour, water and reflections, so soft romantic.

5: Blue: because: it is abstract and minimalist and the contrast between the blue glass and the metal.

6: Missing Pieces of the Jigsaw, because: Wonderful unique concept to describe lost time. I like your thinking with this one.

7: The London Eye, because, It is a well known landmark that again you have captured in a romantic misty light with excellent b/w tones.

8: Weathered Through Time. In this I imagine all the stories past that are hidden between the bricks and mortar, it has so much character it seems to speak, wonderful texture and detail, I love all things, decaying, old and abandoned and steeped in history.

Well Sorry for the length of this, I have tried to make choices of different categories and explain how they make me feel.

Thanks, I have enjoyed choosing analyzing.
Marie (

Muse said...

Not sure if your photobook will have a theme, but vs just pretty pics when it comes to a photo book i learn towards pictures that i linger on. The ones that make me wonder, or look into the details.

THE LONDON EYE - love the contrast, light and how the ferris wheel disappears into the fog

A MESSAGE FROM TE PAST - great colortone, but also depth of field and details. The rocks you can just stare at looking at the shapes and almost making out faces or carvings


AUTUMN - just looks mythical, i also like A SPIDERS WEB IN THE FOREST

I'd like UFFINGTON SHEEP 19 if the poop was cropped

i'll post more later, as the flickr site has more and it's getting late here :)

btw your word verification just said "marry"

Michelle Dawn said...

I went to your redbubble site and I chose the following:

1.) The Setting Sun-- because I love the reflection on the water and I love how the sun and clouds look. It seems peaceful and I like that.

2.) With Love--- because the rose looks so perfect and I love how it pops out of the white background. It just screams love.

3.) The Rocky Passage-- because of the depth and serenity of the photo.

4.)Enchantment---probably my favorite because it looks as if God is lighting the way thru the trees.

5.)The Magic of Christmas--because it takes me back to the good times of my childhood and it reminds me to keep in touch with the kid in me so I can bring that magic to my children.

I have really enjoyed going thru your photo's and I really think this is an awesome idea. (hope I win LOL)

Genie said...

That's a huge amount of photos to look through! No chance your photo book might have some sort of theme?

Liss said...

So hard to only chose 3. So I picked 5 in no particular order.

London Eye
Woodland Wonderland
Weathered Through Time
Evening gold

I think your book needs to be about 100 pages long to fit all the fantastic shots in it.

wanderingbtrfly said...

Hi Graham!
Here are my choices:

1. Blue - not only is the angle and lighting of this one intriguing, but the blue of the ball is gorgeous!

2. Time for a snooze - you somehow captured a positively serene, restful afternoon in this one shot. It makes me want to fall asleep everytime I see it!

3. Sunrise over the Amazon - this needs to be HUGE on a wall somewhere. The coloring is lovely, not to mention the stillness broken by early morning locals.

4. Togetherness - a beautiful shot that captures so much about London!

5. Weathered through time - an all time favorite; this door says so much and the colors are incredible.

6. The London Eye - another all-time favorite. Such a beautiful and ethereal shot.

7. Mmmm tea time - Such a fun one! I can taste the tea now...

AZZITIZZ said...

Gosh, so many to choose from!

It will take a while to hone down my list.

By the way, I have changed my URL to

Didn't want Neeza stumbling onto it.

Well, back to trying to pic just a few of your pics.


Janette Jones said...

I would choose:-

Savernake Forest - it creates a magical atmosphere and fits in with a children's book I have an idea for

Flying High - a wonderful capture and beautifully framed

Enjoying a sunrise over the amazon - it gives me a sense of tranquility

Good luck - we're trying to get together a photo book of our honeymoon and failing miserably!

Elizabeth said...

Ok .. I vote for Spaghetti Starburst (simple idea, beautifully executed), Water (ditto), and A Photo Within a Photo (ditto)

Now if you'll excuse me, I am off to find a package of spaghetti. ;)

John said...

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ejl said...

Hi Graham,

I looked through your Flickr account first - over 1300 photos - Wow!!

The ones I thought would be interesting in a photobook were:

Flying High - I love how the rocks act as a natural frame

Roses in a Frame - Cool. Photoshop lets you do that?

London Hyde Park Fair 3 - the ferris wheel against the dark night. Very nice highlights and contrast.

Early morning at Lechlade_011 - web, dew, blades of grass, very nice and very unusual

Shelter from the Waking Sun in the Sinai Desert (also called Solitude on Redbubble)

And from Redbubble:

Missing pieces of Time

Just hanging around - what a funny squirrel. Made me laugh!

The Wise Old Tree
A number of the nighttime London Eye photos were lovely too.

I then went to look at what other people liked but Redbubble either doesn't have search feature or I couldn't figure it; and some of the names weren't in the Flickr listings. Just learning how all these different photo sites work is a challenge. Which do you prefer and why?

Good luck with your decisions! Lots of excellent choices.

All the best!

Robin Easton said...

Hello my dear dear friend,

How are you?

You know I love ALL your photos so this was really hard for me. I spent an hour browsing through them. And you KNOW I love forests so I kept returning to the SAVERNAKE series. (that's where I see you and your heart the most - and so the photos there are exquisitely sweet and have a profoundly spiritual quality to them...they are heaven on earth. And speak volumes without words.) So I will start there.

Savernake Forest(SF):
SF# 04, 33, 23, 12, 15....there were many more but I tried to narrow it down for you. LOL :)

Then I also would pick (and this is just a few and not in order of preference):

Weathered through time
The wise old tree
The Sinai desert
Sunrise over the amazon

I could go on and on but I'd soon have them all listed here and then you'd be right back where you started, having to choose from all your photos. LOL

I can see why it's so hard to choose. It is for me too.

I am thinking of you and hoping that you are not as overworked as you were. I am too. I keep trying to get out the door for a hike and think I am ahead in responding to comments and then 10 more come in. That on top of getting things in place for me book...I'm so maxed out. I know you relate. But I had to come here and give you hug and let you KNOW I am thinking of you and sending so much kindness and joy.

And Graham, I so enjoyed going through your photos and feeling your heart and soul in them. Getting to see the world through your eyes touched me deeply.

Sending hugs and love,

PS OH!!! I almost forgot. :) I did my first video of me talking and posted it on my site 2 days a go. It's a bit rough and not in nature. The other ones I am working on now are from my walks in nature. I'll let you know when I post them. You inspired me to do the nature walk videos, although I don't think mine are quite up to snuff like yours was. Yours was so wonderful; I never forgot it.

Know that you are thought of and held in the highest regard my friend.

Robin xx :)

Antonella said...

always a pleasure!

janemawan said...

nice blog

Donna said...

Hmm...3 ....that's hard....I chose a few more so here goes.

1 - savernak forest 03
2 - Corfu 008
3 - the London eye in the fog
4 - Flying high
5 - white rose in b & W

They were all was lovely just to look at them

Michelle Hix said...

Hey Graham

You haven't posted in a while and I haven't seen you on facebook...

All okay? On holiday? Working like crazy?

Just thought I'd say hello.

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J.H said...

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Wayfaring Wanderer said...

hmmm, I somehow missed this......the contest is oddly familiar ;)

Michelle said...

just three? whew! ok...

Savernake Forest 31
My first choice. I love the play of light and shadow. Gorgeous.

Flying high
The seagull, perfectly framed. :-)

Early morning at Lechlade_006
I like the pattern of the blues and greens.

jean said...

Harder to choose than taking the photo, isn't it?

Smile for the camera
*** like this name for the picture

The London Eye (captured on a misty morning)
*** never seen it like that

Woodland Gold
*** the colour

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bulk sms India said...

I agree to most of the commentators that it is so hard to only chose 3. So I too picked 5 in no particular order.

London Eye
Evening gold
Weathered Through Time
Woodland Wonderland

Wish you best of luck for the book...

Lawn Mowers said...

Yeah, I totally agree there should be a club of all of us from the active members who shop and find delightful goodies.

Elizabeth said...

Your blog has been quiet! I hope all is well over there, and that you are having a good holiday season. :)

Thrice said...

Hi Graham! Just stopped by to wish you an awesome 2009, full of pictures and creativity :D Cheers!

AZZITIZZ said...



Michelle Dawn said...

Miss you Graham! I'll be Glad to see you back! Happy New Year!

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