Sunday, 8 March 2009

Time for a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okies, it has been a while. In fact it has probably been too long! So without further ado, here cometh the next photograph challenge... (*Graham waves his hands in the air, holding his imaginary drum sticks and gives a silent drum roll!)

The challenge for this month is to take 10 photographs (Yup, I said 10... we have a lot of catching up to do!) that represent you / things about you / your personality / likes / dislikes... I think ya catch my drift. Against each one, you need to write a comment to explain what is says about you.

Now, if you find the challange too difficult, I will allow you to dig into your photo archives for some of the photos if necessary (however, at least one of them must be a new one!).

Just to recap, the guidelines for the challenge are as follows:

1) Take a set of photographs that in some way, manner or form represents the theme of "10 things about me". You are welcome to use your artistic touch to manipulate the photographs using a photopackage such as photoshop. Be as creative as you desire!!! You are even welcome to submit a video clip, if that is your preferred media.

2) Include a brief explanation of how the photograph(s) relate to the theme. The photograph doesn't need to be outside, it can be of somebody or of something around the home.... it just needs to represent the theme of the month.

3) When you have posted your challenge, be sure to send me a link so that I can include it on my "The '10 Things About Me' Challenge Entry" post at the end of the month!

4) You want to join in with the challenge but don't have a blog or website to display your photograph on?

No problem, either:

a)Just email me copy of the image, along with your name and a brief description of how the photograph(s) relate to the theme. I will then include your entry on my "10 Things About Me Challenge Entry" post at the end of the month!!!

b)Join up to a photo storage site like Redbubble or upload your photograph, then leave a link to the photograph in the comments box on this post.

I haven't forgotten about the November'08 challenge ('Happy'). So will include the entries from that one at the end of the month too!

!!Happy Photography!!

Graham Ettridge

If you have any questions, concerns or have an idea for a future photography challenge theme then please do not hesitate to contact me on


no more said...

this is definately a creative challenge which I will certainly give a lot of thought to!! I'm so glad you finally posted one again, will give me some time to think about it. :)

Kelly Ann said...

Now this is cool! I'm in.. :)

Anonymous said...

10 pictures of me??? My my, I can wear some... clothes, right?


Sorry, French girl is teasing English boy.

Will do, my friend, will do.

Unknown said...

10 photos that represent me. I think I'll try this one!

Michelle said...

This is a good challenge I'm in for sure. Great to have you back.

Memories Of Mine said...

Oh, best I get to work on this challenge.

You know, you are meant to ease back into things LOL :)

Unknown said...

Muse, I always look forward to seeing your results

Chica, the photographic genius! I'm glad you are in and am looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

Zhu, clothed or unclothed... both are fine by me ;) lol! English boy trying to make French girl!

Hey Pheonix, I can't wait to see your results!!!

Hiya Michelle, I am so glad you are in on the challenge!!!

Liss, this is easing in slowly. You should have seen what I was going to suggest!

Michelle said...

I'm trying to talk my hubby into the challenge but I don't think he is up for it yet. Check out his blog sometime.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog..
☆ Martinha ☆

Michelle Hix said...

We've been so wrapped up in facebook I thought I better get over here and chat the old fashioned know...the blog comment...ha ha. So retro of me huh?

Okay, so a challenge...hmmm...I'll be giving it some thought.

Michelle said...

I just posted mine.

no more said...

ok mine is up and don't get mad because i didn't post separate pics but made a

no more said...

Looking forward to seeing yours, hope you are doing ok I haven't heard from you!

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