Sunday, 9 May 2010

Follow That Dream!

I was reading through the posts of a fellow blogger, Batty from Start Making Memories, yesterday and was immediately taken by the theme of 'each day making a memory'. It took me back to the reason I was inspired to start this blog. Recovering from a 40ft free fall over the edge of Blaina Quarry, I had suddenly realised that life is actually very disposable. One day you can be healthy and the next day you can be stuck in a wheel chair or, even worse, not here at all. Luckily I only suffered with having to have a new shoulder. It made me think long and hard, to take a look at my life so far and rethink where I wanted to go. In attempt to keep my mind and soul strong whilst going through the lengthy period of physiotherapy, I decided to look back over my life and document the special memories that I had, and that was how this blog was born. As this blog grew, along with sharing my adventures, I also began to document the moments of my life that provided inspiration. My camera soon became my best friend, providing me with a means of capturing some of those special moments.

As you may be aware, I have recently launched a new blog detailing 40 things that I want to achieve over the next two and a bit years. New memories that I want to build, dreams that I want realise. This is where Batty's blog caught my attention yesterday. There was a statement on one of the posts that questioned 'should dreams be limited or limitless?' For me, this is an easy answer.... Dreams should be limitless. Dreams are the hopes that fuel our souls, that give us that energy to jump out of bed each morning and do something different, that provide the genuine spirit that helps us smile to even the most distant of strangers in the street. Do we need to be diagnosed with a fatal disease to decided to actively live the last few moments of our lives?…. No, we just need to dream, and live out those dreams.

For me, I am a single guy with a mind that reaches out over a thousand horizons. My head is always full of a million dreams, each one in a different direction, with a different purpose, triggering a different emotion. The thought of putting a limit on my dreams is like closing a door.

The nearest I can describe the feeling, is like when reading a fabulous book. You know it is a special book because you have become familiar with the characters within, like they are members of your own family. You suddenly realise that you are on the last page. You know that finishing the last words on the page will bring that relationship with the characters to an end. Eventually you close the book. You feel satisfied that it was a great read but you also feel empty because that bond is no more. If you have dreams but those dreams are limited, what happens after you have achieved those dreams? What happens if you reach the end of the book of your dreams, and close it? Every day should hold dreams, every day should create memories, every day should be lived and enjoyed. I can't even begin to try to comprehend the day where I wake up in the morning and have no dreams.......

"The day I stop dreaming... the day I die"

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and about some of your dreams. Please do one thing after reading this post, just take five minutes out of your day to sit back and think of your dreams.


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