Friday, 8 June 2007

...before it's too late xx

Today we have bigger houses yet smaller families
More convenience, but less time

We have more degrees, but less common sense
More knowledge, but less judgment

We have more experts, but more problems
More medicine, but less good health

We spend too recklessly
Laugh too little
Drive too fast
Get too angry too quickly
Stay up too late
Read too little
Watch TV too much
And are less considerate

We have multiplied our possessions, but have reduced our values
We talk too much, love too little and lie too often

We have learned how to make a living, but not a life
We have added years to life, but not life to years

We have taller buildings, but shorter tempers
Wider roads, but narrower viewpoints

We spend more, but have less
We buy more, yet enjoy it less

We have been all the way to the moon and back
But have trouble crossing the road to meet our neighbours.

We’ve conquered our outer space, But not our inner space

We’ve split the atom
But not our prejudice

We write more, learn less, ---------------------- plan more, but accomplish less
We have learned to rush, but not to wait,
We have higher incomes , but lower morals

We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies
But have less personal communication

We are long on quantity,
But less in quality

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion
Tall men and short character

More leisure but less fun - more kinds of food - but less nutrition
Two incomes - but more divorce
nicer houses - but broken homes

That is why I propose , that as of today , you do not keep anything for special occasions , because every day you live is a special occasion.

Search for knowledge, read more.
Sit and admire the view without paying attention to your needs.
Spend more time with your family and friends ,
eat your favorite food and visit the places you love .

Life is moments of enjoyment and not just about surviving.

Drink from the finest crystal glass.
Do not save your best perfume or aftershave but use it every day.

Remove phrases like “ one of these days “ ,“ someday” and “not now” from your vocabulary
Write that letter you thought of writing “ one of these days “

Let’s tell our families and friends how much we love them.
Do not delay anything that adds laughter and joy to your life .

Every day , every hour , and every minute is special.
As you do not know if they will be your last .

If you are too busy to take the time to make that call or write that letter to
someone you love or care about and instead tell yourself that you will do it
“ one of these days “

Believe me

"One of these days"

You won't be here to send it


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Sarah W, said...

Oh, how beautiful - I think I'll take your advice and get writing!!!

I also read through your travel experiences and am green with envy - you have been very fortunate to see so many wonderful places and your photographs are amazing. Keep living life to the full!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this is not related to the post, which is beautiful BTW...

Just wanted to encourage you blogging more ! You've already made your blog design much nicer, I like it ! I love the little pictures cube on top of the page - how did you do that ??

This blog design is much better than when I last visited a couple days ago... Keep up the good work ! ;)

Sebastian said...

wow! Those words are so true!

I had the opportunity to read your travel blog through Poland - what an emotional experience to see so many things, things we only see on tv or in history books. I had no idea Poland was such a beautiful country!

My family was in an American Internment Camp in California during WWII so these sorts of things are very emotional for me.

Check out my blog if you have a chance!

see you around!

jasmine ann said...

Very beautiful, inspirational and thought provoking words...

I did a lot of travelling before i got back issues and had to stop for a while. So grateful to be able to travel again now. I enjoyed reading your travel experiences. "Seize the day" and enjoy it all. How did you do that cube?? I will come visit again:)

Azzitizz said...

Well done Graham, beltin' blog,
love the photo cube! Never actually thought of Poland as a place to visit until now.
Having trouble viewing the video though.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep up the good work.

Getty72 said...

sarah w,
I'm glad you liked the poem. I hope you've managed to write that letter!

Thanks for your encouraging comments! I have left a comment on your blog re: picture cube. Your blog is fantastic too. Living in China sounds like a real experience!!

Thanks for your kind comments. I will certainly read your blog.

Jasmine Ann,
Another keen traveller! I hope your back is feeling better.

Thanks for your kind comments too! I'll add another comment on this post to explain where to find the picture-cube.

Getty72 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nycnontheist said...

Graham, just stopped by to see what you were up to and...Whoa!!!
I'm blown away by how beautiful your blog looks and how emotional and meaningful the poem is too. F**king incredible cube!!! You get the prize for best blog in my book...

Love, Valerie

Getty72 said...

Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your kind words - you made blush! Glad you liked the cube too!

Hi all,

For those of you looking for the site where I found the cube, please follow the http address below:

Good luck and let me know when you have set one up on your blog, so that I can come and have a look!!

Bye for now, Graham

Lori said...

Wow! How in the world did you put those pictures on that square this?

choc mint girl said...

Hi, Graham! I agree with Zhu. Your blog looks different now in a positive way!! Way to go!!!

lorelai236 said...

My dream is to be a travel writer. Great blog!

Getty72 said...

Thanks for the kind words

Choc mint girl,
Thanks for the encouragement :)

Thanks and make sure you let me know when you write your first travel report!!!

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know I added you to my blogroll - now, I want more travel stories !

They don't have to be accidents... ;)

Shan said...

Indeed. "Are we happy now" - I have really never considered that at all... Despite all my desire to rationalise everything, I am always surprised at the reality sometimes and the reality is well... often eye opening. You're right. I'll endeavor to do that with a good amount of talking. But I guess a touch of caution never hurt..

BTW. Awesome blog. You probably got tired of hearing this but it's set out very well and quite ... inspirational. I always wanted to travel myself if ever given the chance in the near future... Looking forward to your future posts and I will indeed take your advice.


SOMEONE said...

Getty, I'm new to the blog world...still lurking around other blogs to see how it's done. Your post is great, I'm on your wave length. I tell my little ones not to be in such a hurry. To stop and enjoy the serenity that doing nothing can bring....We do so much but at the end of the day we've accomplished nothing.

jeisea said...

This is a great blog. I pasrticularly like the black as the perfect background to show off your posts. The quote at the beginning is wonderful and the poem perfect to set the scene. Very impressive. I have some local photos on my blog.
I'm putting you in my favourites.

Getty72 said...

Zhu my friend, thanks for adding me!!

Shan, thanks for the does make you think, doesn't it.

Someone, your words are so true. We all need to "Be here now!"

Jeisea, thanks for fav'ing me. I've just seen your blog and it is super!!!

Epoch [z] said...

My my my... that is some insight right. The last one you did, the one that said 'one of these days'. That one hit a little close to home. My father went to Florida 3 times this year, 1 time for vacation, and 2 times for a funeral. 2 of the funerals were for people he was getting around to seeing while on vacation but didn't make 'time' for because he was 'busy'. Doing what? Lazying around I suppose.

It's wierd how those things workout though. You can be so close to someone, practically touching, and brush them off like nothing. I agree, people need to live more for the life, not for the work. I NEED to do that. I'm 15 years old and I feel as if I'm bogged down with the weight of the world. Thanks for this post. You given me inspiration to get a LIFE ( + a new topic to post on).

The Pisces Man said...

Hey there... bizi to blog on something? or been travelling? also, where's the pics cube thing?

Anyway, just to let u know that I've put up a link to my son's first video at my blog.

Do visit when you have the time. Cheers!

Getty72 said...

Hey epoch(z), thanks for the lovely comment, glad you liked it - I've read your blog and think it is great too! Keep it up!!!

the pisces man, what a wonderful video of your son...what a lovely baby....keep posting!!!!!!

dragoncaller said...

wow! i really like this. it's amazing!

and i am having a great vacation,,thanks. and have a really neat

Red Starr said...

Very thought provoking. I hope you don't mind but I printed it out and taped it to my boss' desk he takes too much for granted!

Simply Bananas said...

I found this site by randomly surfing,this post really makes you think about how much "better"(sarcasm) we have it now.

Rose said...


Somehow your blog inspired thoughts of one of my favorite films. It's called Walkabout and was made in the 1970s. It takes place in Australia where two young white kids get lost in the desert and meet up with an Aborigine boy of 16. It's tradition that he go off on his own—a "walkabout"—to survive and to prove himself a man. The themes hit on nature vs. man. I think you'd enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your passion.

Getty72 said...

Dragoncaller, thanks for your kind comment. Enjoy your hols.

Red Starr, please feel free to give a copy of this post to your boss. I hope it makes them think.

Simply bananas - I so very much agree with you...

Wow, Rose...I had almost forgotten about that film. I too have watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

dragoncaller said...

ha..i read this again..and i just really have to say that i reallyyyyy like it!! or else i wouldn't keep reading it over and over!

and===i finally wrote more. yay!

Jesieblogjourney said...

Those words; how true. Thanks for the reminder to bring us back to our senses and learn to balance our life.

I love those pictures on your blog.

Thanks for sharing.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

That is all so true. It is so much more satisfying to look within for happiness. To be constantly looking outward is not always the answer.

Cocaine Princess said...

OMG, unbelievably inspirational and every word so true!!!
Cocaine Princess

Cocaine Princess said...

It's me again,
It's ashame that some people don't realize it's too late until afterwards. Hopefully they won't after reading your blog. It's a very powerful message that makes you think.

Cocaine Princess

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