Saturday, 23 June 2007

Not quite a "Life List", but rather a "Must Visit" list.

After enjoying so much Jill Smolinski’s wonderful and entertaining “My Life List” blog , it reminded me of the many things I want to do with my life. The trouble is most of them are currently staying as 'wants' as I continue my post-accident procrastination. I will no doubt write more about many of these things in future posts, but as this is a kind of ‘travel blog’ I thought I’d start with my top 10 must visit locations. I hope by publishing this and future posts, I will actually manage to get off my backside and start achieving some of them....Time will tell!!!!

So here goes:

1. Christmas Shopping in New York
I had an opportunity to spend a short period of time in New York a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with it. I also remember watching so many films when I was younger that showed the magical character of New York at Christmas. For both of these reasons along with the fact that the Pound is so strong against the Dollar at the moment, brings this location onto my top 10.

2. The Trans-Siberian Railway
The opportunity to see so many wonderful locations and experience so many cultures on one single trip, immediately adds this one to my list.

3. Tokyo
So many people in such a small place!!! I have been working for a Japanese company for 14 years now and have made friends with many of my Japanese colleagues. I would just love to visit Tokyo, Japan to experience their culture, lifestyle and food.

4. The Great Wall of China
Such a feat of human capability in such an amazing country. I'm also acutely aware that there is an enormous amount of industrial activity that is taking place in China now, so I want to visit before it is destroyed by man's greed.

5. Whale Watching – Vancouver Island , Canada
I visited Vancouver several years ago, but it was just outside the Whale watching season - I was distraught. It is most definitely staying on my list until I've been again!!!!!

6. The Galapagos Islands
This place played such an important part in our history with Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. I have a great passion for flora and fauna and would love to spend some time cruising around the islands whilst being educated about the wildlife around us. Sometimes man thinks he owns this world. Well, he doesn't but one day his recklessness may destroy it..............

7. Aurora Borealis / The Northern Lights - Greenland
I think that the Aurora Borealis is one of natures most amazing gifts. One that I am sure photographs can never truly represent - it must be experienced in person - but I'm going to have to save this one for a romantic occasion.

8. Bran Castle "Draculas Castle" in Transilvania, Romania
A childhood dream. Yep, I have read the book, seen the films and bumped into many likely characters whilst walking down the street - I think Romania is such a beautiful country that is so under-rated.

9. The big 5 and the Wildebeest migration in the Serenghetti
I've done the Deserts, the Jungle, the Ocean, the Mountains,the Cities - all I need to do now is the Savannah, the Poles and the Moon. As I can't jump very high, the moon will have to wait for a bit longer - so, Savannah is next and if I go, I would love to experience the earth trembling sites and sounds of the Wildebeest migration.

10. Machu Picchu – The lost city of the Incas.
My ultimate dream experience - to trek up the mountains of Peru and view the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu through the clouds. Built in around 1450, this is undoubtably one of the most amazing locations on the earth

So, there you go... My top 10 list of "Must Visit" places. Now it's your turn. When you leave your comment, please tell me about either somewhere that is on your "Must Visit" list, or somewhere that you have been that you would recommend I add to my list (it would be really nice if you could also include the reason why). I truly look forward to hearing about your thoughts and experiences.

Best wishes, Graham

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Great list...and thanks for the "shout out." I love the idea of travel but do very little of it - hopefully some day. I do have a list from an Auto Club magaazine that I kept of the top 10 bowling alleys in the Western United States that I thought it would be fun to travel to bowl at each one. :) Not exactly on the caliber of the Galapagos Islands!

Mousie said...

that blog is great, really...the type of blog I like...especially now I no longer travel...My favorite place will always be Sames country Lapland in Scandinavia...where you only see reinders, small huts and wooden houses, huge moors, torrents and mountain...a rough place, extraordinary beautiful, where people struggle to live...
I'll come back soon and put you in my favorites...
see you
Mousie from France

Azzitizz said...

You've picked all the best! Mine would have definately been No.5, 6 and 7 from your list, and I'll have to have a think about my other seven, I'll get back to you on that one.

lorelai236 said...

Re: #1) Take advantage of the dollar's weakness! We'd be happy to show you the town. :)

Sebastian said...

hi Graham!
Great list - go for it!

I've actually been to almost all of the places on your list (except for Africa) and I promise you that you won't be disappointed! New York at Christmas is amazing (don't mind the Americans...)

For me i'd love to visit
-- Corcovado (statue of Christ) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-- Roman mud baths in Constanta, Romania
-- Ernest Hemmingway's home in Habana, Cuba
-- Easter Island and the Moai statues off the coast of Chile
-- Shuri Castle in Okinawa, Japan

Happy travels!

Ellen said...

Hello, Graham. Excellent travel blog. Are you from England? I might visit London next month :)

I haven't been outside Manila but I've been dreaming of seeing Aurora Borealis, Hollywood, Jerusalem, Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, St Petersburg, Russia and old castles in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've been to Beijing so I visited the Great Wall, and I travelled to Peru. That's about it from your list !

I'd love to see the Northern lights. I'm not sure what my top 10 would be... I like to be surprised so I don't usually plan a lot.

I'd love to travel down the Aamazonas in Brazil - alomst done it last time I was there, but I decided to go through Bolivia etc. instead.

I'd love to go to Easter Island. Looks so remote...


What a great list! Since I live in Seattle, I had the opportunity to whale watch--awesome. My dream location is Rome. I was there once, and I love the place. One word of caution: Italians everywhere dress to the nines. And when in Rome. . . .

Getty72 said...

Hello all!!

Jill, thanks for your kind comments and thanks for the inspiration for this post. I recommend that everybody should visit your blog...It's great!!

Mousie, your words are so nice, thank you. I have just had a look at all of your blogs - my goodness how magical! You have a great flair for story telling.

Azzitizz, great minds think alike! I can't wait to hear where the other seven will be. And thank you kindly for leaving such nice comments on my Father's blog, that was very kind of you.

Loralei, thanks, I'll let you know as and when I come over!

Sebastian, you are so lucky to have been to so many wonderful places. You must go to up Corcovado Mountain....It is simply breathtaking and emotional...a real life changing experience.

Ellen, what amazing dreams. You have given me a great idea for a future post - there are many ancient castles here in England. I will visit one soon and add an article to my post.

Zhu, firstly can I compliment you on your beautiful new photo. Secondly, I am glad your business trip went well. I'm off to Istanbul in Turkey soon, so will post about it when I return. And my "must visit" list has just got longer as I agree with you, Easter Island is definitely somewhere worth going.

gay bipolar guy, Thanks for the nice comment. I am envious that you have been whale-watching!!. I have also been to Rome, although it was for a day trip and I had to run from one location to the next to cram everything in...I need to go back there for longer next time.

Lori said...

I really love the look of your blog. It is really unique.

Maria said...

Wow, that is a great top 10 list. I want to travel someday and you've brought up places that I would have never thought about. I guess I'd have to start small though, the first place I'd want to visit is New York as well.

But maybe one day I'll be able to visit all of those places you mention. I hope you do actually get up and go! I'd live through you for a bit :) Take care!

Muse said...

nice list - makes me want to travel. Except i never fly

I don't get out much. But i used to live in the philippines - and it was really an amazing place to grow up for that brief time. Also have been to the grand canyon, that was really awesome but also other sites in the southwest are worth checking out like Carlsbad caverns or the meteor crator in arizona.

Sometimes the best vacations you don't have to travel far.

oh boston was really a great city, i had so much fun - such a historical place with salem and old churches and buildings. But the people were great, the food was amazing..i just loved it

Livingsword said...

I love your list Graham, probably the one on your list that I have not done that I would like to do the most (besides your aside about the moon) would be the Serenghetti. I live in Vancouver and have seen the whales quite a few times, it is even more spectacular than it seems (Vancouver Whistler are hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler is also unbelievable). I have seen the Canadian northern Lights up north and it was outstanding!

One of my favorite places in the world is in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a place called Emerald Lake (in Yoho National Park), here is a link to a page with some pictures if you want to see it (I have no connection to the page or company associated with it) :

I love to hike around the lake and then climb over the mountains into another treasure Takaka Falls (to see it and other great images from the area go to this link which again I am not a part of, the river images are from Yoho near emerald Lake):

You have probably heard of Banff and Lake Louise but Emerald Lake blows them away! (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the weather if it is not good, if it is good then… :)

I loved Yosemite, Maui, Yellowstone, Utah, Prauge, Venice, Crete (try a small place called Paleohora (here is an image of it but it doesn’t do it justice):

It is very close to Elafonissi (fantastic):

The place I have not been to that I would most love to see is Israel.

dylster said...

Amazing blog!!! I love the pictures. Keep it up!!!

The Pisces Man said...

Now I have more reasons to visit your blog again and again... Next to-do list - reading your 100 things :-)

Enjoyed reading your Top 10 list and those great photos. I haven't been to that many places in the world, so i'm afraid will reserve any suggestions to you...

The Pisces Man said...

OMG - what happened to my comments earlier? It's missing? Arggghhh....

Anyway, just wanna say (in short) will definitely visit your blog again. My next to do list, read your 100 things :-)

Been to Malaysian already? Niah cave (pronounced as Nee Aahh) would thrill you, I suppose. It's the biggest cave in the world that can cater a few Boeing planes (sori, can't remember how many Boeing, hehe)...

Getty72 said...

Hi again folks!

Lori, thanks. I have visited your blog on several occasions and it looks great. You have a very nice family.

Maria, firstly I think Poland is also a wonderful place. I visited there last year and had a dream of a time - so much culture and history. Secondly, I also agree with your passion for Turkey - I have spent about 6 weeks In Istanbul over the past 5 months due to business commitments and loved every second of it. I'll write a blog about it soon.

Muse, you have just made my "must visit" list EVEN longer - Boston looks like a great place (I hear that it is quite English in appearance). Love your blog too...especially Mia the cat!!

Livingsworld, Oh my goodness...I am so jealous of you. My dream is to retire to Vancouver...I spent some time there a while ago and completely fell head over heels in love with it. And you guys like us English guys almost as much as we like was so nice to be welcomed in such a friendly City.

Dylster, thanks for the kind comments.

The pisces man, I used to be a speleologist in my youth - spending many days deep in the depths of wet and dry caves with my wet suit and torch-helmet (I feel another post coming on!!). I miss doing it so much now. I will definitely consider Niah Cave.

Kind regards ~ Graham

Querida said...

I'll take you shopping in NYC since that's where my parents live!!

I'll show you the best places to go that are off the beaten path :P


Cool!!! Its too good...all locations are fantastic...i wud like to go to 1st..4th, 5,7,10...amazing places buddy...
I wish i was there..

Getty72 said...

Querida, thanks for the offer...I'll let you know when I visit.

Jyoti, thanks for the great comment...I think you can understand my problem....there are too many places to!!!

dutchie said...

Hi Graham,

was reading rachel's (practically dutch) blog and got onto yours; agree on almost the whole list! and just to rub it in; i visited bran's castle about 2 yrs ago. Very Vry nice.Rumania is another story (Bran is in no way representative for the country); my sister and her family are returning from their Rumanian expat adventure this summer and have lived there just over 3 yrs.
another totally random fact; we have the same birthday! Gefeliciflapstaart to you!

Getty72 said...

Gefeliciflapstaart to you too Dutchie!! Thanks for your kind comment. I'm quite jealous that you have been to Bram's Castle.

Anonymous said...

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