Saturday, 16 May 2009

May Photography Challenge


And now for the next challenge.  I feel partly responsible for the copious amounts of "CHOCOLATE" that were indulged during the taking of the photographs in the last theme, so feel obliged to provide some exercise in this theme.  So, I ask you all to stand up, put on your 'glad rags', open your front door and step outside.  This month's theme is "OUTDOORS".

Just to recap, the guidelines for the challenge are as follows:

1) Take a set of photographs that in some way, manner or form represents the theme of"Outdoors". You are welcome to use your artistic touch to manipulate the photographs using a photopackage such as photoshop. Be as creative as you desire!!! You are even welcome to submit a video clip, if that is your preferred media.

2) Include a brief explanation of how the photograph(s) relate to the theme.

3) When you have posted your challenge, be sure to send me a link so that I can include it on my "The 'Outdoors' Photography Challenge Entry" post early next month!

4) You want to join in with the challenge but don't have a blog or website to display your photograph on?

No problem, either:

a)Just email me copy of the image, along with your name and a brief description of how the photograph(s) relate to the theme. I will then include your entry on my "Outdoors ~ Photography Challenge Entry" post early next month!!!

b)Join up to a photo storage site like Redbubble or upload your photograph, then leave a link to the photograph in the comments box on this post.

!!Happy Photography!!

Graham Ettridge

If you have any questions, concerns or have an idea for a future photography challenge theme then please do not hesitate to contact me on


Zhu said...

That's pretty inspiring!

I will do my best to do this month's challenge. Outdoors is where I want to be right now!

Liss said...

I'm of to find some inspiration.

Purple Ideas said...

Hurrah! I have a camera and a challenge! :) Enjoy america my friend. x

Anonymous said...

yay~! Im in!!!!

Michelle Dawn said...

I'll be on this one sorry I missed the last challenge been really busy preparing for the wedding renewals. Talk to you soon.

Getty72 said...

I am totally looking forward to all of your interpretations!!!! I am so excited!!!! Zhu, Liss and Michelle - you are all great photographers and always amaze me with your images. Fiona and Thrice ~ welcome to the challenges, I really look forward to your entries and hope you stay around for many of the future challenges too!!!

Anonymous said...

I did a little something something over on my blog and have stumbled upon this challenge via Thrice's blog. Just wondering if I can enter based on my latest post? :)

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