Saturday, 16 May 2009

Time for travel!!!!

Yup!  Finally Graham DOES get off his big fat butt and brush off his rucksack and atlas.  A couple of key presses on my laptop at 2.30 am one Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago, and BIFF! BAFF! BOOF!  I have a few days booked in New York City!!! How cool is that!  I know, it is a bit of a change from the Amazon Rainforest or Egyptian Desert, but equally as impressive and EQUALLY as photogenic!

I'll be staying in the Intercontinental "The Barclay" just off from Park Avenue. I am rather excited and am desperate for a few days of "me" time. You know me, my camera will be firmly in my hand from the moment I leave my house to the moment I return.  Expect to be flooded with photographs and filmclips when I return.  I'm hoping that this will help reignite the passion that I have been missing over the past few months.

Cheerio for now,

Graham xxx


Cocaine Princess said...

NYC! Wow! Have a great time living it up in The Big Apple!

Zhu said...

That is extremely cool!

I have never been to NY -- I know, silly considering how close we are. and considering I made it to Patagonia and New Zealand :D

I think it's a photographer's paradise: all these lights, all this energy, all these characters...

Have fun!

Zhu said...

PS: your butt is NOT fat. Really. Even in these pants :D

Liss said...

I am jealous of anyone who gets to travel!

NYC will be so filled with photo opportunities you are going to need plenty of memory cards.

Janette Jones said...

Very envious - wish I was going (again!) Have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing all the many pictures when you get back! PS Hope the info I sent was of some use!

Lilly said...

Oh wow, now a trip to NYC will ingite your passion for life I tell you. You are lucky you are relatively close over there to do that. I have been many times and I would love to live in Manhatten even for a short time. Have a great trip and look forward to seeing your photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog - err, its a little silly but its a good diversion at times. I might be inspired to take more photos too!

Lady Sarcasm said...

The only place I can think for you to visit is Ground Zero. Oh and a ton of people. I bet you could stand on the street and in ten minutes have 40 pictures of interesting/wacky people. lol. Have fun Cracker, I'll live vicariously through ya hehe

Lilliy said...

Ohh I love New York.. Its such an exciting city and sooo much to do.. photos wise... its so diverse that there is always a subject to click away.. have a great trip..will be waiting for your photos..

Deadpoolite said...

Sounds like immense fun! My girlfriend has been to NYC and she has made it the ultimate goal in life to drag my sorry ass there at some point.

Who knows, maybe I will visit the place one day and see what the fuss is all about. Looks great I have to say!

I wish you a trip full of fresh beautiful images and interesting meetings!

Take care and take pics of course:).

Purple Ideas said...

I hope passion and creativity are what you find in NY. Sending you lots of energy and happiness. Enjoy. x

Getty72 said...

CP, thanks friend! I am sure I will do. You'll see all the photos when I get back xxx

Hey Zhu!! What? You haven't been to NYC? You must go! Jump on the plane now! I'll see ya!!! ps. My butt REALLY IS that big...lololololol! xxooxxoo

Liss, I have just purchased a couple more batteries and some more memory. There is no way that I want to run out of anything. Oh, and you will get to travel one day, and you will LOVE every moment of it xx

Janette, thank you so much for the advice on NYC! :o)

Lilly, thanks for your kind words and I loved your blog!!!! I'll be sure to take sooo many!

Chica, you are more than welcome to do anything you like through cracker ;) lol!!! I love standing on street corners in london and taking photos of people. I'll be sure to do the same in NYC! :)

Lilliy, thanks my friend :o)

HEYYYYY DP!!!!! Thanks pal! I will certainly do that! Great to hear from you pal!!!

Fiona, thank you sooo much. That means a lot! I will enjoy! :o)

Muse said...

hope you are having a wonderful time! Be sure to have a NY slice of pizza, i haven't been there but i went to boston and what i love about the east coast is in the right parts of the city you have some great little mom and pop eateries

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