Sunday, 28 June 2009

Topping the charts on the day I was born.

I was having a meal at my sister's house this evening, along with the rest of the family. Somehow, after the feasting was over, the topic of conversation ended up being "What was topping the music charts on the day that you were born?". With the help of google search, we all looked back through the archives to find out.

On June 17th 1972 in the UK, whilst I was taking my very first breath, Don McLean was singing "Vincent"

and in the US, Sammy Davis Jnr was singing "The Candy Man"

Which songs were topping the music charts on the day that you were born? Click on either of the two countries below, to discover who was number 1 on your special day:
UK Chart List
USA Chart List


Lilliy said...

Well I found out what on the chart the year I was born 1969 it was:
The 5th Dimension - Aquarius youtube link:
Archies Sugar & Spice
YouTube Link:
The Jackson 5 - 'I Want You Back'
This was fun to search..

Liss said...

John Lennon-Imagine was number 1 in australia on the day I was born.

this site
does US, UK and Aust all on the one site.

That was fun :)

Janette Jones said...

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves was the number one in the USA (which says it all really!) and Maggie May by Rod Stewart was number one in the UK and yes I am that old!

Robin Easton said...

My dear sweet Goober, This song, Don McLean's "Vincent", sooooooooo fits your soul. I teared up just listening to it. It's fits your sensitive nature, you beauty, your deep soul. Not the part about taking his life, but the part about this world not being meant for one as beautiful as you. That and the magic, the sensitivity are all YOU. I really enjoyed this. A lot. Am going to listen to Candy Man. That also fits the the fun, impish part of you and also the happy and lighthearted part of you. I think these are great songs for you.

Thinking of you my dear friend,
Hugs and love,

jojo said...

um I think I'm following so Happy B-day and lots of long distance luv.

Muse said...

Happy Belated!! Hope you had a nice day :)

My chart topper is a depressing song "Seasons in the sun"..go

Royal ad said...

first video is nice

meleah rebeccah said...

I love LOVE Don McLean!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham! The year I was born...number 1 was Berlin with Take my breath away and in the USA it was between May 10th "West End Girls" Pet Shop Boys and May 17th "Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston...

Daszzle said...

"Like a Virgin" - Madonna... how freakin' funny. Excellent post Graham! Thanks for lightening up my day just that bit more :) Always a pleasure to stop by.

P.S. How are you doing these days sir?

Zhu said...

March 1983...

1 Total eclipse of the heart Bonnie Tyler
2 Sweet dreams (are made of this) Eurythmics
3 Billie Jean Michael Jackson

Not too bad!

But now I have these three songs stuck in my head :D

ArticlesADay said...


Nice videos and post.

thanks you :)

Single Maria said...

Thanks for the post. I google my date of birth and it turned out that the most popular song in that time was Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted. To tell the truth, I have never heard this one before. And you know I just listened this song and I like it. Cool) Thanks for such a entertainment.

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