Friday, 20 November 2009

....hello? Is anybody there?

Okay, it's official! I have been away too much, and am gonna try this place again. I have missed it BIG TIME!!!!!!!!

Watch out, there will be posts galore coming soon.

Here are a couple of photographs for anybody who may have missed me (that is assuming that anybody can still remember me!).

Graham x


Michelle Dawn said...

Welcome back dear friend. I've been pretty MIA for awhile too. I need to make a comeback but I'm suffering from writer's block or something. Anyway glad to know your well and looking forward to reading your posts again. Love the photo's.

Cocaine Princess said...

Hi Graham,

My God where have you been hiding bloke?! You were one of my first followers never missing a post and always, always leaving a comment. You have A LOT of catching up to do.

I am loving the nature pictures. The last one I swear looks like from my neighborhood.

As I look at each picture the video "Viva Forever" by the Spice Girls is playing in my head.

Liss said...

I've missed you and these images are beautiful, they are like painting.
I'm in need of a photo project. I've gotten so desperate I am considering a 365 project for next year!!

Welcome back

Choc Mint Girl said...

I agree with one of the comments above, they are like painting and very perfect! :-)

Nikkidish said...

Stumbled upon your site because I was searching for images of London at Christmas. I agree that it magical that time of year. Thanks for the great photos!

Janette Jones said...

Sorry Graham who?!

PS Good to see you back my friend - you've been missed!

Zhu said...

Graham... Graham... Graham who?

Oh, THIS Graham!

Just kidding (French humor, you know...), I remember you. Well, who doesn't!

Nice to see you back. Were you lost in that forest? ;-)

Moondreamer said...

Great post, Graham, you really struck a chord, as I too have been offline for a (ahem!) while.

Thank you for sharing your stunning photographs! Full of Nature's beauty and mystery ... I feel I could get lost in them.

Looking forward to your next posts! :o)

Michelle, am struggling to settle down to writing too, to anything, really! Hoping your Muse comes out to play soon! :o)

And Liss, good luck with finding a photo project! Any inspiration on flickr? :o)

Max Coutinho said...

Hey Graham!

Yes, I am here! And yes, I missed you! And yes, I remember you quite well :D!

How're you, man?

Ooohh, my God! Such gorgeous pictures, Graham!! You are spoiling us!!
How did you manage to make them so mystical? They remind me "The Mists of Avalon"....

I am super glad you are back!! :D


Anonymous said...

Hello Grahem, Now I am someone who has been away an awful lot longer than you!!

Having moved back from The Netherlands almost two years ago now I felt it necassary to start up a new blog to assure you all I am definatly still alive!

I hope all is well with you, I am going to spend the next hour or so catching up on your life!!

Best wishes,

Practically Dutch :)

Anonymous said...

P.s. Once my new blog is up and running I shall forward you the URL :)

Rae x said...

Me again! Have only posted an opening post so far but thought by giving you the address I will be commiting to posting as often as possible!

jojo said...

Wow and I thought I was coming back in style! Outdone again, but love the work! Oh to be gifted, sigh... ;-)

Ineke said...

Jeez Graham, i thought these were paintings! Marvellous.

Getty72 said...

Michelle, I know exactly how you feel. Well, I hope your writers block goes soon. In the meantime, grab your camera and get clicking away :)

Hey CP! So wonderful to hear from you :) Missed you too!

Liss, a 365 challenge! Now, there is something! There is no way I would be able to do that. However, I might well set myself a 52 challenge and post a minimum of one new photograph per week! Glad to be back and will definitely start the challenges from January! x

Crystal, awwww thanks so much :)

Nikkidish, thanks pal! I am so glad you liked the photos. There will be more to come for sure!

Janette who? LMAO!!!!

Zhu :D it is soooo nice to be back, and back for good! Can't wait to catch up with you properly!

Moondreamer! Hey, thanks for the great comment :) Glad to be back and raring to go!

Max, thank you so much for making me smile like always :D

Rae, my goodness you have been in the blogging wilderness for soooo long, welcome back and I am looking forward to reading your new blog! x

Jojo, there is no way that I could ever out-do you! You are try gifted in so many ways!

Hey Ineke! Thanks my friend! :)

Flights said...

This natural greenery looks really beautiful.

meleah rebeccah said...

stunning images

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