Thursday, 3 December 2009

Graham needs a rest!!! lol!

Yup! It is official! Graham needs to take a break! Not from blogging, goodness no! I have only just returned (and am here to stay! Sorry folks!). However, I am totally in need of a few days away. My camera has clearly been gathering dust over the past few months, my maps have been tucked away on the bookshelf, my walking boots are crying out for some exercise and my mind is frazzled!!!!! Alas, there is nothing for it except to pick up my ruck sack and go for a wander. So, in the pantomime spirit of Dick Whittington I am going to take a return trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, London! I am planning to go next Friday, 11th December and return on Monday 14th December.

As I am going on my lonesome, I have decided to do it in style. So, I have booked myself first class tickets on the train (so will be blessed with plenty of champagne on the journey there and back!). I have booked myself accommodation in one of the most amazing locations in the whole of London, at the edge of Covent Garden. And there is more....

... to keep myself occupied each evening, I am trying to arrange a few things. So far I have booked two visits to the theatre! On the Friday evening I am going to see "Cat on a hot tin roof" with the legendary James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashad.

and on the Sunday evening I am planning to see "Inherit the wind" with Kevin Spacey

I want to leave the whole of Saturday free to wander the streets and absorb the magic of London at Christmas. My camera will be firmly in my hand as I try to capture the sights, the scenes, the history, the markets, the festive fun, the people, the food, the drink, the atmosphere... I will be sure to blog each night before I retire to my bed, so that you will be able to walk along side.

As a little challenge (lets call it a 'warm up' challenge in readiness for a whole year of them starting in January), where ever you live and what ever your religion, I would like you to grab your camera and capture the sights and scenes around you during December. Be sure to post them on your blog and I will do a special post at the end of the year to share your work.

Chat soon!

Graham x


jojo said...

I do believe you have earned a good break. One day soon I'll have mine! You are just a wonderful person with a special soul. I like the fact that you treat your self well! And many thanks for your comments!

Michelle Dawn said...

SO glad to have you back and well wishes for a safe trip. It sounds wonderful. Maybe someday Randy and I will get to take a break and get away. I'll get my camera charged and see what photos I can get.

Cocaine Princess said...

I absolutely love London especially during Christmas time in particular Harrods' Department Store. They manage to transform the store into a one of a kind magical place. Oh, and how can I forget Bond Street, a shopper's paradise.

Look forward in seeing your pictures. Have fun! Enjoy the champagne!

Getty72 said...

Jojo! You will definitely have your break soon. You so totally deserve one. Thanks for your wonderful comments too :D

Hey Michelle, I really look forward to seeing your photographs. I have so totally missed our challenges, and your entries have always been fantastic! :D

CP, I totally agree. And my favourite part of Harrods is the food hall. I could wander around there for hours and hours. The food is a bit pricey though... but that shouldn't stop us dreaming, should it? lol! Oh, and Bond Street is an absolute must! I'll be sure to capture some shots to remind you of home xx

Choc Mint Girl said...

OK, have a blast in London, get some rest and make sure to be back in the blogosphere safe and sound before Christmas, will ya?! LOL!! Take good care, dear! :D

Liss said...

The though of Christmas in London sounds magical. I like the idea of doing it in style and don't think of your trip as being on your own. I'll be there in spirit.
I can't wait to see toy photos, I've always like your street scenes.

I'll post a photo for your first challenge but it wont be till late this month.

Zhu said...

Come back with tons of pictures, London is such a pretty city!

Night pictures should be amazing... yeah, you will freeze your (English) butt off outdoor, but do it for us! ;-)

Janette Jones said...

Wow, have a wonderful time. I think you've definitely earnt this with the amount of hours you've spent at work recently. Look forward to seeing the piccies!

Max Coutinho said...

Hey Graham!

Lovely plan for Xmas. Only you could come up with such a great program :D!

Have plenty of rest, I am sure it is well deserved :D!


Order Soma Online said...

Have a happy holiday and rest aplenty! Don't get too stressed ok?

Amused said...

you deserve it!

Jason said...

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Ella Unread said...

Oh yes, you do need a well deserved break!

Ella Unread said...

Merry Christmas Graham!

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Pam said...

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