Sunday, 16 March 2008

"My Photography & My Shameless Promotion" By Graham Ettridge

As you are all no doubt aware, I am quite a keen photographer. Since starting my blog in June 2007, I have gained even more enjoyment in taking photos as I have been able to capture moments in my life and share them with other people. I have also gained so much enjoyment in viewing others' photographs too. Seeing how they view the world around them, seeing how they interpretate themes and topics.

Over the past few weeks I have been surfing the net to find ways in which to get some of my favourite photographs published, rather than just having them fester away on my hard-drive.

I have found two great sites, the first was which you can find a link on the top of my right hand sidebar. The second is

Both sites are wonderful as all you have to do is upload your photographs, and the website organise the printing/framing/shipping if anybody decides to purchase a piece. is a site that provides a great service for prints, framed photographs and canvases. is a site that, as well as selling prints and canvases, also provides the option to sell mugs, mousemats, magnets, coasters and even Jigsaws. Well worth a look!

As a little bit of self promotion, please feel free to browse through some of my favourite photographs......

Spiders Web by *Getty72 on deviantART

The Enchanted Forest by *Getty72 on deviantART

The Magic of the Stones by *Getty72 on deviantART

Sunrise On The Amazon River by *Getty72 on deviantART

On Top Of The World by *Getty72 on deviantART

The London Eye In The Fog by *Getty72 on deviantART

Candlelight by *Getty72 on deviantART

Croc City by *Getty72 on deviantART

I can't recommend enough for all of you to consider joining up with either of these websites. And if you do, please leave your profile address in the comments on this post so that we can all come and admire your work.


Anonymous said...

I'm on DeviantArt. Joined it just a couple of weeks back, and have had fun with uploading photos and figuring out how everything bloody works!

That place is confusing till you get used to it! Anywho's, my addy there is

Getty72 said...

Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to come and say hello :)

Chica said...

Ooh I LOVE the spiderweb one, that right there is some ace lighting! I have a DA account, have had it for awhile now, I'll come by your's a say hi. :)

Muse said...

I hope you do well with this - let me know how sales go! Btw you have a lot more photos you could post on these sites than what you have - or is there a limit?

meleah rebeccah said...


These are absolutely stunningly beautiful.

You have real skill for taking photos.

Temptation Resort & Spa said...
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Getty72 said...

Hey chica :) You have some great photographs on your account. I love the yellow truck!!!

Good evening Muse :D Thanks for your kind comment. I have been informed that it is better to upload a few photographs each week rather than all at once. This gives people the chance to see them all. If you load a full archive, people will only look at the first few. I'll be loading more soon :)

Ineke said...

Graham, you've got great photo's here. Love the London eye in the fogg!

Zhu said...

I have heard on Deviantart and would love to join... if I had the time!

I went to the French Stonehenge yesterday, thought of your pictures ;)

No shame in shameless promotion!

Scarlett said...

The photos are all great!

I like looking at them over and over. I wish I could take pictures like you do.

Happy Easter Graham!


Getty72 said...

Hiya Ineke, thanks :) I was so lucky to be in London when it was foggy. It was truly magical.

Hey Zhu (Happy Birthday!!!!) I have heard about the French Stonehenge but haven't seen any photos of it. I look forward to seeing yours :)

Scarlett, thank you. I am really pleased that you like them. Oh, and don't forget to enter the photograph challenge :) I look forward to seeing your photographs!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these pictures are just.... Amazing!

Michelle Hix said...


I can totally imagine that spider's web on the cover of a book!

Elise said...

I haven't seen the spiders web one before. Its fantastic!

Thanks for the recipe in your last post by the way. xx

Getty72 said...

Meleah Rebeccah, thank you sooo much. I love your photographs too. You have such a wonderful way of capturing magical moments in your family's life!!! xx

April, thank you for your kind words :)

Michelle, thanks. I was lucky with the spider's web - nature did all the work, I just pressed the trigger on my camera!

Elise, thanks soooo much! I am glad you liked the recipe... it is one of my favourite comfort food dishes!!!!

Anonymous said...

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failureblogger said...

That was some deep stuff you just said, you are incouraging me too take pictures and put them on my blog, Even though photagraphy is not my niche.

Maybe i'll take the Dosh Dosh approach.

Marjie said...

I love the London Eye. It stands out even in the dark foggest view, which gives it a classic look. Beautiful indeed.

By the way dear, you've been tagged with the book meme. Please check my blog for more info.

(big big hugs)
to you my friend.


doreen said...

Graham i want to say thank you so much for the true reciep. For bread butter pudding my mother was a from england and i grow up with that delicious. Desert all my life and sad when my mother past on i lost the reciep and i came across your site and when i seen the illustration. On it i know it was the reciep. I because of your beautiful site i now can continue to pass down the tradition of having it at christmas with my children once again so just want say thank you again and god bless you and many years of happiness to you .. <3 sincerly doreen. From CANADA BC............

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