Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Blue Marble Day

Today is a blue day.... no, my life is not collapsing around me (well, no more than usual...lol!), but today I decided to photograph a blue marble. I am using Chica's project of photographing marbles as a good opportunity to have a practice at Macro photography.

I think most of you know me well enough now, to guess that taking this photograph involved me rearranging my lounge and having my coffee table outside in the garden with a rubbish bin balanced on top of it and the kitchen cutting board on top of that.... lol! Bugger!! I'm sure there is an easier way to take photographs!

Anywayz, I decided to use a spoon as it has great curves (and I like things with nice curves... hehehe!). This one turned out quite well. I am beginning to like the black & white photographs with the focal item in colour.


To see the real master at work, please visit Chica's collection of marble photographs.

Technical Information:
I have been asked what lense & settings I used for this photograph, so thought it might be useful to include this detail on the post itself.

Camera: Canon EOS 350D (Rebel XT in the USA).

Lense: Canon EFS 18-55mm

Lense Extensions: Sonia 58mm +4, +2 and +1 extension lenses connected together. This is a much cheaper way of achieving macro photography without spending fortunes on a proper Macro lense.

The pack of lense extensions shown above consist of a +1, +2, +4, +5(Macro) lense set.

Exposure Program: AV (Aperture Priority)
Exposure: 0.002 sec (1/500)
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 55mm
ISO speed: 100
Exposure Bias: 0/2 EV
Flash: Off
Orientation: Horizontal
White Balance: Manual
Compressions: JPEG
Image Width: 3834 pixels
Image HeightL 2779 pixels

I hope this is useful.

Cheerio for now,



Zhu said...

Wow, that's a really nice shot! I love the perspective... and the focus. Interesting what we can do with all in all little material, isn't it?

Photography does requires a good eye, one able to spot a good and original setting. You got it my friend ;)

HollyGL said...

This is a great photo. Peaceful. Nice lines - or curves :) - and contrast in color. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Do you mind telling me what your lens was and settings you used?

Getty72 said...

Hello Zhe :) Thank you so much for your comment. Such words for someone as amazingly artistic as you is a true compliment. Thanks again, and I agree that it is amazing what we can do with the everyday articles around us.

Hollygl, thanks. Amazingly, it was a last minute decision to include the spoon. I am so glad I did, it added a whole new feel to the photograph.

f.o.t, thank you. I have amended the post to include the camera, lense and setting detail. I hope it helps.

Getty72 said...

Zhu! I am so sorry, I have just noticed a typo of your name in my response above. Sorry friend!!!!

AZZITIZZ said...

Ah Ha!!!

So you and Chica have my marbles!

I lost them ages ago!(He, he.)

Think I'll let you keep them as I will only lose them again and you make them look soooo pretty in your photos.


sally in norfolk said...

A very calming photo....I love it :-)

Getty72 said...

Hey Azzy :) You and me both.... losing my marbles was the best thing that ever happened to me.... I haven't cared since....lol!!!!!

Sally, thank you so much for stopping by and many thanks for your kind comment.

RainforestRobin said...

Now, I have to try this!! I love photographing up close. I thought at first that your spoon was a shell until I saw the handle. What a GREAT idea. You are SO creative. I can't get over it. Your whole site is a feast for the eyes, senses and heart....and the adventurer....and the nature lover....and the travler...and...and...and LOL :)

Getty72 said...

Robin, you always manage to make me smile... thank you so much for your amazing words. I haven't written much about my travels. Hopefully over the next few months I will write some more about why I travel. Thanks again for your encouragement. It is truly appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the stats!

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