Sunday, 25 May 2008

Marble in the cog.

Well, I haven't been spending anywhere near enough time on my blog recently... so this week I am going to try and catch up a bit. My first post is inspired by Chica from Photo-Projectz.

Chica has some great projects running in on her blog. One of these projects is called "Get your marble on!"

"Today's project idea is simple, it is of my most favorite thing to photograph and that's marbles! I want to see how you would shoot a marble. Photograph it anyways you want, and try to be creative at the same time."

And that is exactly what I did today. I have been meaning to participate in this project for a while, as I love the way the world looks so different when you look at it from a different perspective. I am also fascinated by the marriage of the colours of the glass reacting with the light. So, I went to the local toy store yesterday and purchased a bag of marbles (gosh, that certainly took me back to my childhood!).

Today, whilst glumly looking out at the rain pouring down into my garden I decided to have a go the project. After a few minutes of contemplation on what I could possibly do to create a reasonable composition, my eyes fell upon the coffee grinder that was standing motionless on my kitchen window.

I precariously balanced the marble onto the mechanism of the grinder and got to work. I was quite pleased with the result.

Marble In The Cog

To finish the photograph, I converted the grinder and background to black and white. This hopefully allowed the focus of the photo to be placed on the colour and shape of the marble.

Well, that's one job done.... I wonder what will unfold tomorrow....?

Cheerio for now,

Graham x


Chica said...

That's superb! I really love the orange and black together. Having the blank background really added to the piece as well. Thanks for participating, keep them coming! :)

Getty72 said...

Thanks Chica and thanks for the theme too! It is always nice to have a new challenge to test my imagination and photography skills... both of which are still in!

Ingrid said...

Great picture!

Getty72 said...

Hello Ingrid, thank you! :)

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