Sunday, 1 June 2008

May Photography Challenge Results - "Urban Regeneration"

"It's not the camera that takes a great photograph, it is the photographer"

Thank you to all of you who have contacted me about the monthly photograph challanges, and well done to those of you who have posted their interpretations. They have been of an extremly high standard like always!!

Please click on the links below to see eachothers' wonderful creativity at work, and please leave an encouraging comment whilst you are there....

Liss from A Memory forever - A tractor turning a paddock into bulding site and A seed that will one day become a garden flower.

Muse from Xanada - The modern architecture of a casino building in Texas.

Michelle from Rusin's Round-up - Construction at a local hospital
Excellent interpretations from you both!!!

The weather in England has been to its usual standard... sunny when I am in the office and raining when I am at home. Well, isn't that typical. However, I did manage to brave the rain and take my camera outside.

So, here are two of the images that I managed to capture:

This first image is my nominated challenge photograph, as I think it represents the emotions I feel when I see more houses being built on our green fields. The feeling of becoming caged in by the concrete and steel jungle....

Urban Regeneration

I decided to also include this second image, as I found the structure of the scaffold very interesting.


Once again, well done everybody on your efforts and achievements in this challenge. Tomorrow I will announce the theme for June's challenge

Cheerio for now :)

Graham xx


Chica said...

OMG, I CANNOT believe I totally forgot to join in on this challenge too. arg! I'm going to be the first to do Junes I tell ya, or else I'll forget again! lol

Anonymous said...

I must admit I missed the deadline mostly because I had no good ideas. That's the problem with "new" cities!

I love your picture though. Interesting angle.

I hope to make it for the June challenge! Will be back tomorrow to get my assignment ;)

Liss said...

Hi Graham, I like your photo, I connect with it as when I was travelling though UK and Europe all major tourist attractions seemed to be covered in scaffolding LOL!. As far as the caged in feeling – it’s not really like that out here, I live on what is considered a small block at 512 square metres or 16 wide by 32 long.

meleah rebeccah said...

you are so good at staying on top of these photo challenges.

Kudos for getting a decent the rain!

Getty72 said...

Chica, lol! No!!! I struggled taking my photos for this challenge... the weather has been awful here recently. I look forward to seeing your June contribution ;)

Zhu, I know what you mean. The challenges have been quite difficult recently. I am going to try and make the next few much easier (for my benefit!)

Liss, our attractions are starting to get weather worn now, as they are very old. Hopefully the restoration will be over soon and we can enjoy a couple of years scaffold

Meleah, thank you hun! I think it is about time you picked up your camera and did some!!!

Muse said...

wow what a mess we make of mother nature huh. I like your shots, they are putting up 4 story apts by my work, i was going to photograph that mess but never got the time with all the running around i've been doing. Now if i'm lucky enough to pinpoint when the next full moon is i actually have an interesting idea i'd like to try. otherwise i'll have to get creative in 'moon' interpretation

The thing i noticed is unless you have a high powered lense and a tripod you won't get much with a moon photograph because our naked eye see's the moon larger than the camera does. I do need to play more with nighttime photograph so quite a challenge!

ps i LOVED your marble shot

Getty72 said...

Hey Muse :) I agree about the complications with taking moon shots... therefore I have just added "moonlight" to the challenge too, to broaden the scope for people. I really look forward to your interpretation!!! Thanks for your comment about the marble too ;)

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