Sunday, 1 June 2008

Emotive Self Portrait

Well, this is probably the hardest off all possible projects for me, as I hate being in front of the camera. However,not one to turn a Chica challenge down, I took the plunge and made an attempt at a self portrait.

Self Portrait - Graham Ettridge

This photograph was taken very late one night, after a long hard day. My eyes are clearly showing the affects of tiredness, lol! I tried various different lighting methods, but this one seemed to capture the mood that I wanted to achieve.

I can't say that I am particularly happy with the result, mainly because I am in the shot. But at least I tried......

Cheerio for now,

Graham x


Chica said...

The lighting is fabulous though, I think it's a great emotive portrait. It's a keeper. By the way it's not my challenge, it's from she's listed as Photohunt in my blogroll. It's a saturday meme. :)

Zhu said...

I like it! You look very English for some reason (well, reasons other than the fact you're English :$ ). No it's not a bad thing!

I can never take good pictures of myself. I never really like them... like most of us I guess. I like close-up or landscapes better. But I should improve my portrait skills.

Shit, I missed the deadline for the Photohunt again... just realized it.

Liss said...

The lighting is fantastic in this shot. It has the thumbs up from me. You have defiantly captured the mood of a long day at the office. I haven�t tried self portraits myself yet � not game enough for the same reason, I never think I make a good shot.

AZZITIZZ said...


Admit it, it's all that port you are drinking while pondering the 'how come' questions from my Lil'Sis on my blog!

Really though, very suave!



AZZITIZZ said...

One more comment....


I've told you before, listen to Auntie Azzy! You would make quite a catch! Any female that doesn't see that, needs her head feeling and that voice...!

Oooooh! If I were twenty years younger!!!!!!!


Getty72 said...

Chica ~ I think the lighting turned out great. However, as it is a photograph of me, I might end up using it as a dart!

Zhu ~ It was funny, I look all serious in the photograph.... However I am glad that you couldn't see me a few moments before, as I ran around the table and got into my pose before the photo was taken. In my first few attempts, I was sitting too far over to the right and didn't even appear in the photograph... oops!

Liss, awwww you must try a similar shot, I am sure it would look great!!!

Azzy ~ You are far too! However, I like the thought of being suave. Thanks for making me smile :)

Scarlett said...

Wow Graham! Finally, you've got your picture taken without having to look away from the camera!

Nice shot! I bet you look better in person.

Cheers! Have a good week ahead!


RainforestRobin said...

Hi Graham. Boy I can see I've missed a lot of good stuff since I was I away. I went to Chaco Canyon - the ancient ruins of the Anazai people here in New Mexico. An amazing place you must see if you ever come to America. Very powerful.

NOW, re this self portrait. I want to tell you what came to me right off the top of my head when I first looked at it. Okay? And I know people saw various other things, so this is just me.

I immediately saw someone who is deeply sincere and observes life and thinks about it. Yes, the lighting is excellent....but I like the quality in your eyes of it being someone who is REALLY watching life and thinking about it, maybe a bit pensive. Having not met you I would not know what your eyes normally look tired or not, etc. BUT what I did see in them was a slight sadness or softness as well as someone wanting to be kind to the world or the people he came in contact with. I also saw someone who is somewhat shy but extremely observant and more aware than most people might think. There is also in this photo a quality of someone who would respond to laughter or warmth. The lighting really accentuates that as well.

I think it is an excellent photo. I would keep it. It will be interesting for you to look at down the road.

I am going to try and do your moon challenge. Also it would be fun if you had a self portrait challenge as well.

Thank you for sharing. I loved the image of you racing for table to sit and compose yourself before the shutter clicked. GREAT! :)

Michelle Hix said...

Hey Graham...I think this is a wonderful self portrait...I know what you mean about being in front of the camera though...I think I hate every photo ever taken of me....My poor kids are going to look at their photo albums one day and think their father was a single dad...I never put pictures of myself in there!

Max said...

Hey Graham!

No, no, look great despite the chic-fatigué look (lol lol)!
The light effect is so dramatic: loved it!

Thumbs up, darling!


Marjie said...

Hmmmm.....deep in thoughts are you? What a wonderfully taken shot. The portrait of the artist himself always stands out among all the other photos he's taken.
Brilliant, I say. Brilliant!


Getty72 said...

Scarlett, thanks :D Great to hear from you too!!!

Robin, you have such a great eye. Reading your interpretation of my photograph was so interesting... and you hit the nail on the head on so much of it. You are so intuitive. Big hugs to you my friend xx

Michelle, it is nice to meet somebody else who is camera shy. But I am not sure why you are, as you look amazing in your photos!

Max, it is so lovely to hear from you!!! and thank you so much for your warm words!

Marjie, hey thanks! I'm not sure about "Artist" though.... I'm no where near that!

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