Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A moment to reflect....

A few days ago, I was gazing into the sky and saw this amazing moon scene. The clouds were starting to gather in readiness for a summer storm, the air was motionless, hot, humid and buzzing with electricity. There wasn't a sound to be heard.

The time:
The very early hours of the morning

The location:
Sat on the lawn in my back garden

My mood:
Calm and reflective (and rather sleepy)

Everything else:
Somewhere else

There is nothing more mellowing that to sit in the outside in the dark looking up at the moon and letting your mind wander.

Of course, I couldn't end this post without sharing a little bit of that moment with you....

The Sky At Night

Cheerio for now... my mind is about to wander....

Graham x


RainforestRobin said...


This is THE absolute best moon photo I've ever seen. I've seen some good ones lately but NOTHING like this...not even close. It looks like the clouds are moving. I thought they were at first. I had to stop and stare right at the moon to make sure it wasn't some tricky slide show with the clouds moving. What a miracle that you saw this because you were up while world slept. That would make a great title..."While the World Slept"

I can't get over still looks like the clouds are moving.

I was deeply moved that you were out in your back garden taking in the Universe. It made me wonder what took you out there. Like the mystery of the moon your tale speaks of mystery as well. I like that. And you are right, there is nothing more mellowing. We touch the divine at times like clearly and wondrously.

PS I just put those dang pumkin seeds back up there (in the thumbnail photos)...just to taunt me right? LOL LOL

Thank you my friend.

Liss said...

This is such a tranquil and soothing photo, very fitting of your mood when you took it. I also take more notice of the moon now after last months project, I have not tried to reshot it but I have often thought about and plan to do it again myself when the weather gets warmer here. It is such a beautiful thing to look and reflect about the world. I really love the 3 toned colour in this shot too. What I love most about the photo is the feeling of solitude you would have felt sitting out on your lawn in them middle of the night by yourself.

PS: I have done my food photo and will post it very soon.

Anonymous said...

Awesome...! perfect for the photo hunt of last month! Okay, this one is over but you're the photo hunt boss, right, you can extend the contest :D

No, seriously, this photo is amazing. I feel like I'm so close to the moon I could spot people on it!

AZZITIZZ said...

What a fabulous pic.

It looks soooo real I actually started growing fur, long claws and howling!


Love Azzy

Janette Jones said...

You're not the bloke that rang our local radio station and reported seeing a UFO are you?! Appartently he was also looking up at the sky at night. Don't worry your secret is safe with me!!

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Max said...

Hello Graham,

Beautiful picture :D!

And it was a delight to share your thoughts...let's share them in utter silence..............................

Excellent moment :D!


Polina said...

Hi Graham,

the shot is fabulous... love the tone of the clouds, their movement, the texture.... perfection...

Scarlett said...

Aawww....such a beautiful photo, taken at such a beautiful moment.

Looking at it throws me in a pensive spell indeed.

So thoughtful of you to share it with us. You are such a talented man Graham.


Mousie/Paisible said...

thanks for this gorgeous moon dear !!! makes me dream...still keep you in my thoughts and singing "I was born on a wondering star" !!!

meleah rebeccah said...

that is Unbelievable!!

Are you back from vacation yet??

Liftingmyvoyce said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

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