Saturday, 22 September 2012

Artist - Dave Ettridge - Fine Art Portraits

Still looking for the perfect gift?

Are you looking for the perfect birthday present, anniversary gift, Christmas present or even a truly unique and personal Mother's Day or Father's day present?

How about commissioning an original pastel picture of your parents, partner, the children, the family pet or even a still life image of your favourite object/personal belonging? 

Commissioned portraits from photographs of family, pets,  wild animals or objects in pastel or graphite pencils

Self Portrait in Pastel by Dave Ettridge

It takes great pleasure for me to write this post.  It is a post to promote the work of a great and establised artist, Dave Ettridge.

Dave Ettridge has been an artist all his life and has been gifted with a natural ability to turn his hands to many creative uses.  Which ever art or craft he applies himself to, the results are always amazing.  Over the past few years he has channelled his talents on his fine art drawings, mainly through the medium of pastel or graphite pencils, although he is equally talented with oils and watercolour paints.

Below is a small sample of his work.  If you would like to view more of his drawings, either click on one of the pictures or one of the links on this post. 

People Portraits

Old Man - Graphite Pencil Portrait by Dave Ettridge

Musician - Pastel Portrait by Dave Ettridge
Pastel Portrait by Dave Ettridge
Geisha - Graphite Portrait by Dave Ettridge

Animal Portraits

Barnaby the King Charles Spaniel - Pastel Portrait by Dave Ettridge

German Shepherd - Pastel Portrait by Dave Ettridge
Dog and Horse - Pastel Portrait by Dave Ettridge

Zebra - Graphite and Pencil Portrait by Dave Ettridge

Two dogs  - Pastel Portrait by David Ettridge


Sea Scape by Dave Ettridge

Spitfire in flight - Pencil Drawing by Dave Ettridge

Objects / Personal Possessions

Ballet Shoes - Pastel Drawing by Dave Ettridge

So, if you are searching for the perfect gift and are interested in commissioning a portrait (either person, animal or object) by Dave Ettridge or to discuss charges and picture sizes, please visit his new on-line gallery:

 Fine Art by Dave Ettridge 

and leave a message on his comments page.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What amazing drawings! The animal portraits are lifelike and so full of character. I really like the people portraits too!!!

Cocaine Princess said...

What a great gift and so life like.

Paul Eddy said...

I am happy that I found your blog. This is really interesting.

Fine Arts Portrait

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