Friday, 30 May 2008

Red Rose

Red Red Rose

I was hoping to get out and about during this week, but the weather has been pretty poor... typical! Still, that hasn't stopped me from spending a little bit of time with my camera. Today I thought I would have an attempt at another of Chica's projects at Photo Projectz. This one was to photograph something in just one colour.

"One color- A photo with only one overall color, with no post editing to achieve it."

Mmmmm, a challenge indeed! I have a vase of red roses on my dining table, so decided that these would provide the perfect case study. No sooner had the inspiration overcome me, I jumped from my sofa and grabbed the camera. A little shuffle of the dining table, a little extending of the tripod and a little huffing and puffing as I tried to get the rose in focus - and suddenly the image took form.

This image is a simple reminder to me of how much warmth and beauty there is in nature. Yet the world is so fragile..........

Chica has listed 10 projects do consider in this assignment, that are worth having a go at.

Cheerio for now,

Graham :)


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

That is a splendid photo.......I love the composition you chose......very nice!

Chica said...

It came out amazing, and I'm loving your sig too. :)

Daszzle said...

Oh my God, that's gorgeous. Really Graham, you should make a profession out of this. What a beautiful shot... and so naturally created. It makes you feel truly blessed to belong in a world with such beautiful item sometimes huh? Thanks for reminding of the beauty in small joys.

sally in norfolk said...

wow can see i will be adding you to my reading list.... i love your photos :-)

AZZITIZZ said...


I can almost smell it's beautiful fragrance.




Tish said...

Wow. That photo is absolutely breathtaking!

Btw, I hope you're doing well, Graham! I've missed you! :)

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