Saturday, 13 September 2008

A little preview of where I live and work

There was a series of documentaries shown on BBC over the past few weeks. It was based on seeing Britain from the air. Explaining some of the history and geology of our wonderful country.

Fortunately, they actually featured my home town of Swindon in Wiltshire on one of the programmes, and in addition to this they also visited Honda, the Company that I am the Strategic Workforce Planning Manager for. The clip is quite short, but I thought I would include it in this post, so that you can experience a bit of the world around me.

I hope you found this insight into my world interesting. I'll be sure to visit some of the historic places around Swindon in the coming months.

Warmest regards

Graham :)


Chica said...

That's pretty neat, I think most people would like to see the aerial view of their towns too, it gives it a totally different feel. :)

Getty72 said...

Hey Kel :)

I agree. I'm proud of where I live and work. And to see it all in a video clip from above, is quite cool :)

Liss said...

This was a great insight to where you live. Thanks for sharing it.

meleah rebeccah said...

Awesome! Thanks for that peek into your world. xxoo

Michelle Hix said...


Your job sounds very interesting (unless you are one of the people that are strategically removed from your job by Graham!) How did you get into that?

Muse said...

It's interesting to see how the housing and city is so tightly clustered together surrounded by such lush countryside. Quite a contrast.

I did a search for my city on youtube and all that comes up is a car chase shooting, hail storms, homes for sale and breast implants.

and maybe that says it all...

Janette Jones said...

I tried to watch this series when it was on the TV, but I'm afraid that all the aerial shots, just ended up making me feel sick. Nice view of Swindon though, I think it's probably one of the few towns that I've not visited in the UK. I'm going to put my head between my legs now!

Robin Easton said...

Okay which house is yours? LOL :)

Do you work in the local car industry? I can't believe this...."all these years I've known you" and I don't even know what you do for a living? Okay, fess up! I know, you're a snake handler. Right? A lion tamer? A butcher? A baker? A candlestick maker? :) :) :)

Do you own a dog?
A cat?
A mouse?

What is your favorite dessert?

Okay, I'm being a pain here so I will leave you in peace and vamoose...

Hugs to you dear one, ;)

Getty72 said...

Liss, thanks :o)

Meleah, I am glad you enjoyed the peek!

Michelle, my job is very interesting and frequently rather! I was lucky enough to have found a company that suits my way of working, very early in my life. I started as a temp typist in HR 14 years ago and have progressed from there.

Muse, hehehehehe! That is one heck of a city you live in!

Janet, oops" soz for making you ill! lol! I agree, so of the clips were a bit!

Robin, I think you and me need a proper catch up, lol! I'll be sure to answer all those questions and!

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